King Abdullah Economic City | Saudi Arabia’s new $100bn megacity

Another ambitious project is coming out from Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah economic city-new ($100 billion) megacity of Saudi Arabia is one of those cities are being constructed for future purpose. This is being built near red sea and its just two and half hour drive from Jeddah (One of the biggest cities of Saudi Arabia). As because it’s named as King Abdullah economic city, you may think that it will be like SEZ (Special economic zone) or EPZ (Export Processing Zone) to boost foreign investments but it’s not actually like that. Housings for at least 2 million people are also being built in this new $100 billion megacity project of Saudi Arabia.

King Abdullah Economic City

KAEC | King Abdullah Economic City

Why the KAEC is being built? There is an interesting answer from the chief engineer of Emaar Economic city planning company that is a public company which is supervising the whole project. According to him around 2 million Saudi young people are studying abroad. When they will come back they will need a stable economic condition with an advanced society to live in.

King Abdullah Economic City | Area of this new $100 billion megacity

This Saudi megacity will be more than Washigton DC in area when the construction will be finished finally. Yes, it’s true that this megacity is really going to be a preplanned megacity.

KAEC | Railway of this new Saudi Megacity

Everything of this city is lining with utmost artistic impression. Railway station of the King Abdullah Economic city is not the exception from this. British Architect Norman Foster designed the central railway station of the new economic city of Saudi Arabia. This station is going to link two holy cities Mecca and Madina with high speed rail network.

King Abdullah Economic City

KAEC | Work in Progress  

Construction is in full swing and as of now 15% work has been completed so far. Saudi officials are expecting that full work will be completed within 4 years. Then this new economic mega city will come in operation.

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