Know What Happened at the Facebook F8 Conference

The Facebook developer conference took place from March 25 to 26 and around 2,000 developers were seen attending conference who discussed various topics.

The annual F8 developer’s conference main aim was to clear the intentions of the company to expand the capabilities and get to another level apart from being the top most social networking site. The topics discussed were most important and strategic in terms of reaching new levels and expanding.

Facebook F8 conference

Chief technology officer, Mike Schroepfer said during the conference that Facebook is ready to work on the next generation of the technology and connect to the world. Several updates about Facebook were mentioned along with the investments that the company has done.

Their involvement in the core infrastructure is the iOS version of the React Native is available on Git Hub and open to all. The chief went on further to say that the infrastructure is now redesigned with better flexibility, efficiency and scale. The designs will now help reach newer heights and community and comprise of better innovation.

The conference also revealed that the first test flight of the UAV platform to help those connect who live in the remotest areas was successfully conducted. A number of intelligent machines have been worked out by Al research and published various papers as well. The Memory networks help to enable answer question of sophisticated nature.

Besides, the Oculus team will come up with brilliant idea of understanding human perception to help enhance communication and to collaborate. Chief of Oculus revealed that Virtual reality will definitely bring the much needed change in the way we live. They are planning to reach humans with better systems and in a personalized manner. A better technology is being planned at the moment to help people connect to a larger group.

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