Kurdish Forces Blames Turkey For Attacking without Provocation

Kurdish forces in Syria have blamed Turkey for over and over attacking without any provocation their units over the outskirt, in Syria. Turkey said it was exploring the cases yet demanded the Syrian Kurdish units stayed outside the extent of the present military exertion.

Turkey vs ISIS & Turkey vs Kurds

Turkey started air strikes on Islamic State fighters in Syria and positions of the Kurdish activist PKK in Iraq taking after savage assaults in Turkey. Turkey has likewise said it has no arrangements to send ground troops immediately into Syria. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), the outfitted wing of the fundamentalist Syrian Kurdish party (PYD), said that Turkish tanks had shelled the Kurdish-held town of Zormikhar inside Syria late on Sunday evening.

Kurdish forces blames Turkey for attacks

Clashes Between Turkish Military & Kurdish Forces

It included that, after an hour, one of its vehicles had come under overwhelming flame from the Turkish military east of Kobane in the town of Til Findire. In an announcement on Monday, the YPG said Rather than focusing on IS terrorists’ involved positions, Turkish forces assault our guards’ positions. This is not the right mentality. We ask Turkish authority to stop this hostility and to take after global rules. We are advising the Turkish Army to quit shooting at our fighters and their positions.

A Turkish government authority said its military operations looked for to kill fast approaching dangers to Turkey’s local security and was focusing on IS in Syria and the Kurdish separatist PKK in Iraq. We are examining claims that the Turkish military connected with positions held by forces other than IS the authority said. The PYD, alongside others, stays outside the extent of the present military exertion.

The Washington Post in the interim reports that Turkey and the United States have consented to make a true safe zone along Syria’s fringe with Turkey. Such an arrangement would essentially build the degree and pace of the US-drove air war against IS in northern Syria, the paper says. Nato is to hold a crisis meeting on Tuesday to examine the whole circumstance. Turkey as a Nato partner requested the meeting in light of Article 4 of the association’s establishing negotiate, which permits individuals to demand such a summit if their regional uprightness or security is undermined.

Police Torched Istanbul & Clashes Claimed two lives

Mr Davutoglu said Turkey was readied to work with the PYD – which has connections to the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) – if it didn’t represent a risk to Turkey and separated relations with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. As of late, Turkey has captured several individuals associated with supporting the militants. Police assaults on suspected IS and PKK individuals in the city of Istanbul set off three days of revolting in the Gazi area.

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