Leap of Faith

Faith may just be a five letter word, but probably one of the strongest word driving the things around. Such is its power that it impregnates innumerable beliefs and disbeliefs, which remain unchallenged against any sight or sound. Extreme faith, for some, graduates to reverence; around which one seems to anchor their life wholly, be it their sorrows or joys, success or failure, rather anything or everything.

In light of recent upsurge of controversy surrounding the famous ‘Radhe Ma’, the opinion divide of is so fierce that neither of the sides refuses their faith. Similar was the case when controversy and further judicial proceedings came in light against the revered ‘Asaram Bapu’. The whole hullabaloo here is that the long-living perception is challenged. The so called divine (garish) beauty, revered to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga; a Kalyugi saint-woman who preaches in satsangs, chowkis and other religious gatherings, does not match the perfect imagery (of above mentioned titles) especially in a vulgar dress and get up or accusations of forcible donations or service. When the lady in an interview herself accepts that she adorned the short-skirt on request of a devotee, there still are people claiming it to be a morphed image; such is the leap of faith! Her reaching out to her devotees through a thorough website, communicates well of the technologically K(c)ooler Babas and Matas now, who now reach out vaster audience and provide convenient updates through a calendar or Facebook or twitter. Renouncing of worldly pleasures, but putting up like the common masses as per request of the devotee, hectic travelling to meet the busy appointments and event darshans, embracing to spread message of love and god, dancing in praise of lord; are all quite a task, and only the chosen ones befit to do so. In addition, then putting up and moving ahead of controversies; still keeping calm and composed, holding and highlighting same pravachans, isn’t a common man’s task. His strengths fail ahead of such divisive battles.

Radhe Maa in controversial outfit

Radhe Maa in controversial outfit

Faith is essential, and so is a mentor. A mentor or fondly addressed as Guru, is a guide, who shows you the way out of tasks and troubles; essentially attributed to his better sense of judgement and righteousness. His patience and bearing is like a mountain, unmoved by pettiness of mundane stresses. His this power is tantalizing for those who wish to associate. It surely helps to have somebody to look upto in life, not defining who though, but someone who helps you make better choices. The very foundation of this ‘faith’ is that the protagonist possesses better of virtues and actions. If not so, the blind faith may turn to be degenerative for the soul. Having faith, in a person or organization, should not impede with the sight of right and wrong. Neither should you be led by perception; because your belief may not be someone else’s reality. The choice of defining the reason for faith is individualistic, but definitely demanding a responsible choice is fair.

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