Lufthansa Pilots are going on strike

Germany’s famous airlines Lufthansa is in trouble as many pilots are going on strike from today. Lufthansa is the largest airlines in Europe. This sudden strike of pilots of Lufthansa creates several problems in flight scheduling. Many outbound flights of Lufthansa from Munich and Frankfurt have been cancelled.

Lufthansa pilots are going  on strike

Why Lufthansa pilots are going on strike

Lufthansa pilots are going on strike over some issues but the major one is the Lufthansa’s newly declared early retirement benefits. As Lufthansa tried to change their pension plan, Pilots went on strikes for several times last year also. In this year (2015) it is the first one. The spokesman of the Lufthansa pilots says if Lufthansa does not change the policy immediately, pilots from the all zones will join in this strike.

Zones where the strike calls on   

Pilots of German wing and Euro wing join this strike so Lufthansa had to reschedule their flights and many of them have been cancelled. Pilots declared that strike would hold this day. Pilots of other wings have not joined yet in this strike but if authority will not judge the issue with Pilot’s sentiment and change the retirement scheme, they will also join the strike.

Early retirement scheme of Lufthansa

The airline wants to get rid of a programme that allows pilots to retire at age 55 and receive up to 60% of their pay until they reach the statutory retirement age of 65. Lufthansa is trying to change this scheme.

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