Lufthansa Takes Stringent Measures to Ensure Pilot Safety Following Germanwings Disaster

Stringent pilot safety procedures to prevent incidents like Germanwings disaster

The Lufthansa group, other German airlines and the German Aviation Industry Association have adopted a new cockpit occupancy procedure in coordination with the German Federal Aviation Office. The new precautionary procedure will end the deficiencies which led to the crashing of the Germanwings aircraft.

Germanwings The new procedure requires that two pilots have to be present in the cockpit at all times during the flight.

The combined decision has been taken following the crash of the aircraft (flight 4U -9525) that was operated by the Lufthansa subsidiary group Germanwings. The aircraft was deliberately crashed by one of the pilots who was severely depressed. The crash occurred in south of France.

Flight 4U 9525 crashed in the French Alps. The incident occurred when the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz took control of the aircraft when he was alone in the cockpit.

The new procedure is to be adopted very soon by Lufthansa and the group is in consultation with the German National Aviation Authority in this regard. Lufthansa group is also taking many other measures which would ensure more security and protection of the aircraft and the passengers.

One of the new security measures includes the creation of a new position of group safety pilot. Lufthansa already has safety pilots for its member airline aircrafts.

Captain Werner Maas has assumed the position of group safety Pilot at Lufthansa group. He will examine and refine all the flight safety related issues at Lufthansa group. He is reporting to Carsten Spohr, the Lufthansa group chief executive.

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