“Maggi Ban” Case To Be Heard on June 30 in Bombay High Court

No relief for “Nestle India” on Maggi ban case. The Swiss multinational urged Bombay High court to take the hearing date urgently and as soon as possible. But Bombay High court did not hear their request and declined the plea of Nestle on “Maggi Ban” issue.

Maggi Case

Maggi Banned | Nestle Losing Revenue

Maggi got banned a few days back across the nation. Nestle India also has taken all the Maggi variants back from the retailers on an urgent basis. It’s really pathetic for a company to withdraw their top selling product. Nestle used to generate over 15000 crore rupees by selling Maggi variants only in India. Just think for a minute, how much revenue they are losing everyday.

Generally, Nestle produces all the Maggi variants in India. Nothing is imported. In this circumstance, workers in Nestle’s factory are also in danger. They are fearing that their job will be lost if Maggi ban continues for a month further.

Nestle Urges Bombay High Court to take the Hearing Date Sooner

Nestle India, urges Bombay High Court to take the issue up on the table as soon as possible as they are losing crores of revenue per day.

Maggi Controversy Reaches UK

Controversy is growing and the image of Maggi is getting down as Food Regulatory Authority of Great Britain asks for the reports from India. UK (United Kingdom) will also investigate the same matter on Maggi. They already directed officers to check the issue of Maggi in UK.

Nestle & Maggi | Business in India

Nestle is a Swiss multinational company and it deals with the agro foods and processed food in India. Maggi Noodles is their top selling brand. Under the banner of the maggi there are more than six variants of Maggi. They had to pull off all the variants of Maggi noodles as Food safety control and regulators banned the brand “Maggi” because it found high lead content and MSG contamination in the samples of Maggi noodles it tested. These two things were present in excessive percentage that are allowed under Indian Food security act.

Kerala was the first state to ban Maggi, then most of the states followed it and banned Maggi selling. Nestle India, pulled off all the Maggi products from the market at last.

Nestle Vs GOI In Bombay High Court

On coming 30th June, Nestle India will defend themselves and will be trying to pull the “Ban” tag off from their top selling brand “Maggi”. Bombay High Court asks for the reports done by the two sides and will go for a independent report if required.

Bombay High Court May Ask For Independent Report on Maggi Case

It may happen that High court asks an independent body to test Maggi samples because in Nestles report there is nothing hazardous but in government’s report Maggi samples contain two things that are hazardous. These are High lead and MSG (Mono Sodium Glucomate) and these are not permitted according to the food safety law.

It’s a wait till 30th June for Nestle India and GOI, and off course for all the Maggi lovers because only after this date we can assume in which way the Maggi Case is going on.

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