Delhi Bans Maggi Noddles for 15 Days

Maggi, one of the most favorite “two minutes” hunger reliever of young Indians has gone banned in capital city, Delhi. Before a few days food safety department sent some samples of Maggi for testing and found high lead content. Government of India ordered to check maggi samples all over India. Some of the major retail chains have already off shelved the maggi noodles. This food safety scare was triggered by a person who claimed that he had felt ill after eating maggi. Uttar Pradesh Government ordered the Food safety control department to check the complain. Result came positive after it checked some samples though Nestle India, the manufacturer of this world famous noodles, is still denying it.


Negative vibe is all around in market. In some places the prices of Maggi is slipping down. In a short period time, it may be banned in some other states too. In Kerala, over 1500 retailers refused to stock Maggi yesterday. That news had gone viral in social medias.

Maggi Noodles Banned in Delhi | What Actually Happened

Before a week, a middle aged person complained in the food safety department, Uttar Pradesh that he had gone ill immediately after taking Maggi noddles. After a days, food department investigated to thing and sent some random samples from market for testing. High lead contamination found in those sample noodle packets. Then UP Government directed further tight investigations. Food safety phobia burst out once the news came out. Same testing were started in various states. Kerala food safety authority also found high lead percentage in the it’s packets in market. One after another news were popping out from different part of the country. And today, Delhi became the first state to ban Maggi for next fifteen days.

Maggi | India is Huge Market For This Brand

Indian market has a huge potential for every brand. Maggi is not the exception. Maggi has become one of the favorite ready to eat packaged food in India. Specially Maggi favorite among the college and school students. Nestle India has already taken steps to rectify the things and find out what had gone wrong. Maggi is Nestle’s biggest revenue earner in India. It did a gross business of around 15 Billion INR last year. Nestle would not want to loss this in any way. They also sent 600 packets for intensive testing and their reports are yet to come.

Maggi Noodles | Popularity and Bollywood Connection

Big B, Amitabh Bacchan is one of the leading ambassador of the Maggi brand in India. A lower court of Bihar has ordered police to take FIR against Amitabh Bacchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preety Zinta. Everyone here, were appeared in Maggi’s advertisement.

Maggi Controversies | Excess Additive Found in Packets

Not only lead, excessive additive found in the packets of Maggi. Monosodium glutamate which is used as an additive in Maggi. According to the experts, this chemical may harm if it is used indiscriminately. Lab found over usage of monosodium glutamate in the sample sent by UP Food and Safety department.

Future Retail Chain, Big Bazaar Dropped Maggi From Shelves

Organized retail chain like Big Bazaar, dropped selling Maggi from today nationwide. Metro Cash and Carry and Spencer is also taking similar steps and putting down Maggi selling. This is a big blow for sure for Nestle India. Selling of their one of the most reputed item is going down quickly.

Maggi Got Banned, Stock Price Declined

Price of the share of Nestle India has been declining since Maggi controversies started. Share price is reduced by 10% in the early trade.

Nestle India Says-

Nestle India said in the press meet-

[quote_box_center]We are surprised with the content supposedly found in the sample as we monitor the lead content regularly as a part of the regulatory requirements[/quote_box_center]

Other “Not Permitted” Things Found In Maggi Samples

Maggi is a veg food, sometimes some of its varieties can be served with chicken also.


Lead is a poisonous element, generally led brain damage, motor sensory response. In Delhi showed an alarming signal as results shows 10 out of 13 packets contains more than permissible limit.

MSG-Monosodium glutamate

MSG is not listed in the ingredients of Maggi though it is found is high range, off course far more than the permissible limit. It is generally used in Chinese food as flavor enhancer.

Recent Happenings and Fate of Maggi in India

All the states of India has ordered to check Maggi’s quality and report immediately. Central government ordered to stop the sale of this particular brand in India until the dispute of gets resolved.

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