Malaysia Government ordered to search for the Rohingya migrants’ boats from Myanmar and Bangladesh. Before few days some boats, full of about 7000 Rohingya people tried to anchor their boats in Malaysia, but the navy of Malaysia repelled them from doing that. After that the boats tried to do the same in Indonesian water. But after repelling by the Indonesian Navy, they have been floating in international water for last 10 days.

Rohingya Migrants

Rohingya Migrants in International Water

The migrants are involved Rohinga Muslims escaping oppression in Myanmar and additionally Bangladeshis. Malaysia and Indonesia have said they will briefly protect those that arrive on their region however need help from the international community.

Malaysia will provide Humanitarian Aid to the Rohingya Migrants

Mr Najib said on his Twitter account that it was fundamental human empathy to give help to the ravenous and wiped out. Malaysia was among a few in the area that had declined to take in the migrants and had been towing the watercrafts to other nations’ waters, in what spectators have censured as a savage ping pong match.

In the mean time Malaysia Foreign Minister Anifah Aman’s office said he would hold talks Thursday with his Myanmar partner U Wunna Maung Lwin in the capital, Nay Pyi Taw. Myanmar has been blamed for doing nothing to address the issue at home.

It didn’t send a delegate to a meeting of local foreign ministers on Wednesday where the arrangement to give provisional haven and not turn back pontoons was come to.

Reprieve International’s Asia Pacific Director Richard Bennett said Wednesday’s choice to give asylum helped the individuals who have come aground, however does nothing for the thousands still uncontrolled adrift, with decreasing supplies of sustenance and water, or for any more who may tail them.

Thailand has said it will quit towing pontoons back to ocean, something Malaysian and Indonesian naval forces have additionally been doing lately, however did not consent to the arrangement to give haven, saying it is as of now attempting to adapt to countless outcasts from Myanmar.

More than 3,000 have been safeguarded by local people or come shorewards in Indonesia and Malaysia. Malaysia and Indonesia have requested for assistance from different countries to resettle the migrants inside of a year.

The US State Department said the US was arranged to take in evacuees and lead a multi-nation push to resettle them. Myanmar (also called Burma) sees the Rohingya as migrants from Bangladesh, however numerous eras have lived there. It confines their developments and individual lives, and Rohingya have confronted oppression from the greater part Buddhist populace.