Manchester City fails to find a defense for Messi


Lionel Messi, the international sports sensation, showed once again this Wednesday why he is heralded by millions as a football genius on the field. The speed and grace with which he beat virtually every player of Manchester City is bound to have been a painful experience for the team. Barcelona finished their last match of the final 16 with a comfortable 1-0 win.

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Anyone who watched the match knows that Barcelona dominated the entire match and if they had scored half a dozen more goals, then no one would have been surprised in the slightest. One brilliant moment in the match was seen around the 40th-minute mark when Messi was cornered at the sidelines by James Milner. The midfielder at Manchester City was confident that he had Messi trapped, when suddenly he found the ball had passed in between his legs, and Messi was already on his way past him. Messi’s quick manoeuvre landed Milner on his rear and in a bit of an embarrassing spot indeed.

It was not just his superb ploy against Milner which Manchester City failed to counter. The entire match was a display of superiority by the Barcelona team, the attack spearheaded by Messi himself. Manchester City failed to find even a single way to counter Barcelona’s moves and, as a result, is now out of the Champions League.

The European masters towered over the English players, and the Argentine wizard Messi made sure that not a single player from the opposition could stand up his bag of tricks.

One redeeming factor for Manchester City in this match remains the exemplary performance by their goalkeeper Joe Hart. Hart may have very well delivered the performance of his lifetime and saved close to a dozen goals. If not for him, Barcelona may very well have won 10-0 at La Blaugrana.


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