Microsoft Releases Windows 10 with User Friendly Spartan Web Browser Preview

Microsoft has launched the new Windows 10 that has the Spartan web browser. The Spartan web browser was much anticipated by Microsoft as it is said to be very user-friendly.

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Windows 10 – The Spartan web browser

The Spartan web browser is made for enhancing user experience in a friendly and comfortable way. The web browser provides for easy discovery, reading and sharing online. The web browser also is very useful for web browsing and internet usage and the user can do things online with much ease and comfort. Spartan has more developed sharing and linking capabilities. It also allows users to type or write directly on the web pages. They can comment on the web page content and also clip the content and share it through web note or on social networking sites.

The web browser puts more focus on the web page. It is also equipped with Cortana, the personal assistant that can be found in many Microsoft mobile devices. Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Siri, the android user research assistant. With Cortana it is very easy to work online.

In initial stages, the Cortana user assistant will be only available with Spartan web browser in US. Later, all the Microsoft PC’s sold anywhere in the world will have Cortana equipped Spartan web browser.

Project Spartan is still being developed and the company is relying heavily on customer feedbacks for its improvement. Final launching will be done after the company improves Spartan and windows 10. The upcoming Microsoft smartphones will also have windows 10 as their user interface system.

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