Microsoft Simplifies Porting of iOS and Android Apps to Windows 10

Integrating Android apps to Windows 10 – Microsoft’s Vice President of the OS development department, Terry Myerson said that the company aims that around 1 billion devices will run on Windows 10 OS within the next 2 or 3 years Android apps to Windows 10f Windows 10 Operating System release.

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The ambitious and inspiring statement was made by the VC at the Built 2015 event.

To get more apps for the Windows 10 OS and its devices, Microsoft will provide tools through which app developers will be able to port the apps from iOS, Android and other software platforms and operating systems.

Through the revolutionary SDK kit, Microsoft aims to increase exponentially the size and quality of is App store. Apart from Android and iOS apps, SDK can also transform to Windows 10 platform the apps from.NET, Win 32, WEB and other platforms.

The specific name for the porting tool is Microsoft Software Development (SDK) kit. Through the kit, the java or C++ developers will be able to transform an Android app to a windows app. Support for the transformation will be provided by Microsoft services itself. Through a different SDK, the developers will be able to change an iOS app into a Windows 10 app. This transformation will involve tweaking of the C code that is found in iOS app.

SDK may prove to be a boon for app makers as they will not have to build new apps for Microsoft Windows 10 platform from scratch.

Microsoft wants to have a single platform for all its devices in very near future. Microsoft demoed at Built 2015 some of its windows 10 native apps that were able to run on the iBox, desktop and windows phone.

Microsoft has also devised a new way through which the websites will be able to run within the Windows universal app that is found on Windows phones. The developers will not be required to have a full app for their website but a smaller app at the windows store.

The new SDK of Windows 10 platform will provide 2 options to the developers. They would be able to import the apps as they are and can also try to add new features to the already existing app or ported app.

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