Migrant Crisis in Europe- Croatia to take control Over the Situation

Due to the ongoing crisis in Middle East many people from the countries like Syria, Iraq are migrating to northern European countries. Everyday many groups are entering Europe through Croatia. Hungary is working on to close its borders with high fencing. Already half of the border with Croatia has been fenced and sealed. Before few days Hungary’s president said that they could not allow the Muslim Rush into Hungary. Austria has also closed its all land borders with Croatia.

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Migration Issue in Europe

Getting into Europe by crossing Mediterranean has become a every day issues for the Mediterranean countries. More than 4 lacs people have come to Europe crossing Baltic and Mediterranean in 2015 only. European union has a policy in migration settlement.

Destination of the most of the migrants are the Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Finland and the prosperous country of the Europe- Germany. A huge debate is going on in this regard. Germany is not ok with the settlement issue of the migrants. They have joined Austria and Hungary and don’t want this kind of Muslim invasion in their countries. Everyday more than 4000 people are arriving in Croatia. Like Hungary, Austria may also take the same step to restrict enormous migrants’ flow.

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Croatia’s Situation- Confusing Behavior¬†

Maximum countries are questioning Croatia’s responsibilities towards restrict this. Croatia is in European Union but not in Shenzhen union. They are sympathizing the migration issues and are facilitating migrants reach their destinations. This issue is going to be a burning issue very soon as very few countries in Europe are trying to absorb the migrants where maximum of them are reluctant on this humanitarian crisis.

After feeling the enormous pressure from the other countries, Croatia declares that they will not let their country to be a hot spot of Migration. Within few hours many refugees were taken to Police station and special areas for providing shelters. Hungary and Austria has stopped all connecting flights and trains with Croatia.

According to the laws of European Union, there is a quota system to settle refugees. Germany said that it was ready to solve this issue if all the other countries agree on this same. But no Scandinavian countries respond in this. On the hand Italy is in front of the flood of mass migration from north Africa. It’s not a new news- hundreds of migrants die and thousand get arrested daily while crossing Mediterranean sea. For now there is no cure of this disease.

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