Wherever he goes, there always follows a downpour of his charisma. Already very active on social media, Modi, now registered himself on Weibo, China’s popular social media. His one-on-one interaction with Chinese folks from Monday just prior to his China visit is a great piece of news.

The Prime Minister’s first post says, “Hello China! Looking forward to interacting with Chinese friends through Weibo,”. What came immediately next to the former post was his greetings on the auspicious occasion of Buddha Purnima.


Here comes the exact post, second in the newly opened account.

“I wish everyone happiness on Buddha’s birthday. Today we remember Buddha ideals and commands. He preached the ideas of harmony and brotherhood and had a vision of a peaceful world. Buddhism is a unifying force across Asian countries. It can be one form of strong cohesion as the world enters the Asian era”.

Although, Modi’s humongous fan following need not be questioned, but a quantum of 26,442 followers by evening in a Chinese social media very much blows our minds. With no previous publicity, if this is what crops up, then publicity would have buttoned up our lips.

As anticipated, the figure would touch around 200,000 by 14th May, the expected date for Modi’s tour. Such layout lucidly points out at the effective communication between India and China, a scenario where his ideas and strategies would travel to the youths of China more adequately and persuasively.

Countless foreign leaders exist in Weibo, but Modis’ entry is the earliest in the history of Indian leaders.  The Indian Embassy said that, “This Indian Prime Minister is an avid and active user of social media for several years now”.

“From sharing updates on working of the government, policy deliberations, his own thoughts, greetings and replies to well-wishers, the Indian PM’s social media outreach has been lauded all over the world,” it said.

Modi, since his take-over on the prime ministerial post, he has been massively reaching to public via videos and graphics, exhibiting the under-progress work by Indian government.

Modi, a man, whose proactive words, are viral enough to spread among.