Movie Review : Main Aur Charles

“Main Aur Charles” held a lot of promises on two accounts- one, it encountered the story of the serial murderer, Charles Sobhraj infamously known as “Bikini Killer” and two, it had the highly charming and talented Randeep Hooda.

Director Prawaal Raman has the perfect mix that most filmmakers die for- a charming lead character, the hide and seek game between the cops and the criminal and oodles of sex and obscenity.

Randeep Hooda has finally made his presence in box office this year. He plays Charles Sobhraj in the movie. This is by far his best performance. His depiction of Charles Sobhraj speaks volumes of his prowess as an actor.


He has perfectly got into the skin of the character. He is very convincing as Charles Sobhraj. His charisma, his mannerisms, his body language, his French accented English and Hindi are just so perfect. He is brutal, charming, intelligent, irresistible and seductive in the movie. This is perhaps the best depiction of Charles Sobhraj on celluloid.

Richa Chaddha is the perfect blend of innocence and sensuality in the movie. She essays the role of a law student, Meera, who is so deeply and madly in love with Charles that even after the proof of his crime is laid before her, she finds him innocent. Her character resembles somewhat of Nihita Biswas from Big Boss 5 who married Charles in Kathmandu while in jail there.

Adil Hussain (of Agent Vinod and English Vinglish fame) plays the role of the cop, Amod Kant. He has an equally important role in the movie as the whole movie is based on his very perspective and hence the name, “Main Aur Charles”. If Randeep Hooda was fire in this movie then Adil Husssain was ice.

Charles’ jailbreak from Tihar in the 80s has been depicted in the most humorous way in the movie. Though the central idea of the movie is to depict Charles’ jailbreak, the movie explores other events as well but without scrutiny. This is what is missing in the movie. The greatest disappointment about the movie is it’s pace. After a certain point in time, the movie becomes a drag.

Rating : 4/5

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