Mozambique President Nyusi’s Visit to India

We hear very less about India’s relation with African nations as every Prime Minister of India has their own conduct over the foreign policy, based on the required geo-political perspective of their time. But in the recent year a sudden change in course of the foreign policy is observed. India has now not prioritized any region for the advancement of relation, but it has stretched her hands to all. From Canada to Brazil, from Britain to China , from Central Asia to Inner Asia , from Australia to Africa. India is trying to have cordial relation with one and all give importance to every nation. This approach was once seen by Nehru after independence which is tried to revive by Modi now.

The latest development in this regard is the relations with Mozambique. Mozambique Prime Minister Filipe Jacinto Nyusi was invited by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a 5 day visit to India. Mozambique prime minister signed M.O.U with India regarding the co-operations of both the countries on (a) trade which has increased 5times since 2003, (b) energy security, (c) exchange in technology and assistance in the field of agriculture, communication& infrastructure, (d) emphasize more on ocean economy (e) to work to gather on maritime security.

Nyusi and Modi. Image Credits : https://goo.gl/A8xeGB

  Nyusi & Modi. Image Credits : https://goo.gl/A8xeGB

Mozambique President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, who is currently in India for a five-day visit, was accorded the Guard of Honor at the Rashtrapati Bhavan yesterday. Nyusi in his 5 day visit will be visiting Raj Path, Taj Mahal and IIM Ahmedabad. IIM Ahmedabad is on the top priority on his visiting list, but here he will go as a student more precisely being a alumni, because he took a short course in the year 2003 there. He will be also addressing students and faculties and sharing his experience of power, politics, India and IIM.

This deal will help India in the field of energy and maritime but the major benefactor of this MOU will be Mozambique as they will get major aid and assistance. In the field of education this will help India as it is seen as land of opportunities and education, Nyusi himself being its patron.

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  1. Ashish kumar jha says:

    In today’s world….where every economy is interlinked…. D more FIIs a country has….d more its chances f sustainable growth….India’s foreign policy has attracted FIIs from all over d world….its nice to see India truly going global

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