Nationwide Mobile Number Portability Started

Mobile Number Portability has been very helpful for people from rural as well as urban areas. It has reduced the complaints of people because of unsatisfied services and which further resulted in dumping their SIM’s into waste bins. With the advent of Mobile Number Portability, people have become able to keep the same number and switch between their service providers. Mobile Number Portability also bought competition among the service providers to a certain extent.

Nationwide Mobile Number Portability Started

There was always a complaint associated with mobile number portability. MNP was allowed only within states or telephonic circles. From 03rd July 2015, the pan-India MNP shall allow mobile subscribers to keep their number even when they change locations. This shall be helpful for travellers, defense personnel, central Government employees, people who stay near state borders and many other categories of people. The earlier deadline was marked of May 03  but it has been extended for two months after Cellular Operators Association of India asked for extensions from the Department of Telecommunications as telecom operators needed to make certain changes.

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