Nepal Earthquake: Death Toll Crosses 4500

Death Toll Crosses 4500 in Nepal – The growing count of death due to the earthquake of 7.9 magnitude and three after shocks is becoming a burning concern for the government of Nepal. As the rescue operation started, the death toll started rising. More than 10,000 injured and 6000 houses were pulled down by the devastating earthquake. The only international airport in Kathmandu is not operating fully. Many tourists stuck there. Germany and Spain already asked India’s help to rescue their citizens from Nepal. Supposedly more than 400 foreigners who came to visit the Himalayan country lost their lives.

Earthquake Toll Crosses 4500

India’s Efforts to Restore Normalcy in quake hit Nepal

Government of India already has taken various steps to ensure humanitarian supply to the earthquake hit areas. Indian Railways supplied 100000 liters of packaged drinking waters and 10000 blankets. Indian Airforce distributed 2000 tents and medicines with dry foods.

A team of engineers also sent to Nepal to restore the power grids affected by the severe quakes. eighteen medical teams consisting Neuro-surgeons, Cardio specialists and etc sent to Nepal to treat affected people in emergency.

Earthquake in Nepal & Foreign Aids

US also sent a plane full of medicine and food. Japan is leading in help after India. They already sent 4 planes full of aids and are planning to send more to meet requirement. Indian arms forces are engaged in rescue mission along with forces of Nepal.

Earthquake Toll Crosses 4500

Earthquake Toll Crosses 4500

Death toll touched 4500 today morning officially. Maximum UNESCO recognized heritage sites are damaged. 10000 Indian tourists are rescued till yesterday. They all came to India by Indian Airforce’s planes.

Nepal's earthquake

Rescue Mission & Relief Operation are not Effective

Prime Minister of Nepal, Suhil Koirola admitted the fact that the rescue mission and relief operations are not effective till then. Crisis is growing and intensifying as people are experiencing acute shortage of water, medicine and electricity. Prime Minister requested all the political parties to work together in this time time of crisis.

Death Toll May Cross 5000 Mark Soon

Keeping more than fifteen thousand people in an open ground is a challenge. Most of them fear of anther quake. Government of Nepal officially requested people to donate blood to meet the requirement of blood for the injured. All hospitals are full of injured persons. Rescue teams said that the toll would cross 5000 mark as may people still trapped under ton of rubbish.

Most Earthquake Affected Districts in Nepal

Based on human casualty Nuwakot, Kathmandu, Sindhupalchowk,  Dhading, Gorkha, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Kavre and Rasuwa have been declared as the highly affected districts in Nepal. According to the government of Nepal declared that altogether 60 districts have been affected by the earthquake.

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