Netherlands to Cut Emission by 25% within 2020

A court of the Hague (Netherlands) ordered government of Netherlands to cut emission by 25% within 2020. As per the European union’s resolution, all the countries of European union will cut their emission by 40% within 2030. All the countries have set 2020 as the mid level target and maximum of them are close to cut their emission by 25%. But Netherlands is far behind. If this thing goes like what is going now, Netherlands will achieve about 16-17% cut of its emission where some countries have achieved the figure and maximum are on the way to reach the targeted figure.

emission control in netherlands

Case Behind the Order

Environment activists of Netherlands took the matter to the court and argued with the government in a basic issue. Government should protect its citizens- it was their set agenda to fight on this topic. This case was filed under climate litigation section and all the environmentalists fight with a basic issue like flood.

Climate Control and Emission Cut in Netherlands

Flood is the major problem of Netherlands as maximum lands of this country are under sea level and are naturally flood prone zones. There is always a heavier risk of flood in Netherlands if sea level rises with climate change. European union decided to cut the industrial and household emission by 30% within 2030 to achieve a minimum target to save the environment. Leaders met in 2012, passed the issue and every country of EU supported it.

Netherlands and other EU countries

France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and some other countries are leading in the front and have already achieved this. Countries like Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden are on the way to achieve the target very soon. But Netherlands is lagging behind. Activists raised the concern and expressed that climate control by cutting the emission is needed in Netherlands and it has to be done like a war preparation as Netherlands is a low lying country and very much vulnerable to the flood situation.

At last the court ordered to decrease the bio fuel emission and advised to increase the renewable energies like windmill and solar energy.

Government of Netherlands has agreed on the thing and agreed to to close all the coal power plants within few years and will install renewable energy centers. Basically in the north part of the country, maximum percentage of emission takes place. The court’s order has push the government to speed up the whole process and to frame dateline to achieve the target. Court said that cutting off the emission of green house gas should take in effect immediately otherwise case can be worse than ever.

Netherlands’ Present Power Scenario

Netherlands get its maximum power from coal plants and gas plants. Only about 15%-20% of total power produced are gotten from the renewable sources like windmill, solar plants etc. If sea level rises, Netherlands will face the dangerous situation in Europe as maximum portion of this country is made of all polder lands (these land are generally low lying lands and even lower than sea level). That’s why the whistle is blown first in Netherlands to save the environment and to protect the country by cutting emission in step by step.

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