New Cat Flea Control Medicine Comfortis Launched

New Cat Flea Control Medicine – Elanco has launched a new cat flea control tablet called Comfortis. Comfortis is approved by FDA and has been labeled to be used in cats. The major ingredient of the drug spinosad kills adult fleas and does not allow them to lay eggs and proliferate. Within 4 hours all the fleas are completely dead. The table is chewable and can be administered once a month with food for complete elimination of fleas. Majority of cats would not show any side effect. There may side effects like vomiting, side effects and lethargy in very few cats.

cat-fleasThe drug is a very useful flea control medicine for cats that have allergy to topical application of flea control medicines. The topical flea control medication may also leave residues. Comfortis provides an effective solution to all these problems.

Administering medications to cat

New feline friendly nursing care guidelines have been issued by the international society of feline medicine and the American association of feline practitioners.

Cats are very sensitive to their surroundings and thus the new guidelines pay special attention to the psychological and physical needs of cats. The new nursing care guidelines ask cat pet owners to pay more attention to the comfort, hygiene, nutrition and warmth of cats.

A vet cannot be present at all times to care for the cat. Thus it is the responsibility of the owner to look after everyday needs of the pet. Veterinarians provide all the information that concern cat disease, their medications and the way of administering medication to cats.

The medications for cats must not be hidden in food as this can lead to food aversion. Only do so after asking the veterinarian. When medicating, keep the cat in secure and quiet place that is familiar to the cat. A sick cat may be depressed and may avoid/resist medication.  You can reassurance your cat and raise its confidence by petting, brushing, verbal praises and occasional treats.

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