Russia has unveiled some of its new warfare technologies including a game changer Tank named Armata- T14. They have unveiled a anti tank Rocket system, several upgraded armored vehicles for extreme war zone usage. Another thing that Russia added to their reserve is newly upgraded Buk Missile launcher. All these have unveiled during a rehearsal for upcoming parade to mark the 70th victory anniversary over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Hi Tech Russian Tank | Armata T-14

Armata T-14 is a highly automated war tank with automatic reloading system and a remote controlled machine gun at top. What is machine! The chassis is versatile. It can be served as heavy infantry vehicle, a rocket launcher and a engineering vehicle as well. According to the Russian defense ministry, Armata T-14 is a single step forward to the Robotic warfare technologies for heavy war machines.

Armata T-14 Tanks

Armata T-14- A New Russian Tank | System of the whole Tank

russian tank

Kurganets-25 | A mechanised infantry combat vehicle

Kurganets-25 is a new combat vehicle used as personnel carrier at war ground. It is fitted with 30 mm canon and heavy firing powers. The guns and canons of this infantry vehicle are also remote controlled.

Russia's new Armored vehicle

Boomerang Heavy armoured personnel carrier

Boomerang is also a infantry vehicle that can be used as different platform just by changing the chassis. This armored vehicles has amphibious capabilities. It is also fitted with robotic remote controlled guns and cannons.

Russia's new armored personnel carrier

RS-24 Yars intercontinental ballistic missile

This is an strategic missile system. Actually it is a updated version of Topol M system. It is capable to deliver Nuclear warhead and importantly this missile system got a decoy to confuse enemy’s air defense’s radar.

Russia's new inter continental ballestic missiles

Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled artillery

It’s a new artillery gun built on Armata T-14 tank’s hull. It has a 152 mm canon and it can hit a target from 70 km away. It will be used to smash fortifications of enemy.

Russia's new artillery gun

Buk surface-to-air missile launcher

Buk missile is famous for intercepting cruze missile and as well as aircraft. It can go upto 25000 meters of altitude. Buk missiles are in the reserves of many countries like China, Ukraine etc. But Russia developed a new launcher pad for it. By this new pad, Buk can be fired within 10 seconds of getting firing instructions.

Russia's new Buk Missile launcher

Kornet-D anti-tank rocket system

This new armored vehicle may look ordinary but don’t go on its face! It has 45 feet steel armor and has several technologies like high resolution camera and infrared detector. It can hit tank and as well as aircraft also.

Russia's new kornet anti tank system