A new study reveals that regular apple eaters are less likely to consume fewer prescription medicines. Thus eating an apple a day won’t probably keep doctors away, according to the new study.

New Research Study Modifies the Saying To “An Apple a Day Keeps the Pharmacist Away.”

The data concerning to apple eating was analyzed at the University of Michigan by Mathew Davis, Ann Arbor, and others. The source of the data was national health and nutrition examination survey that was conducted from the year 2007 to 2010.

The study findings were published in an article in Jama Internal Medicine, a health magazine. The research was based on medicine consumption by apple eaters (those who consumed at least 1 apple a day) and non-apple eaters.

According to Davis, the findings suggest that regular apple consumption  reduces National Health Care spending to a certain extent.

Around 8399 people, participated in the survey. 753 or 9% of them were regular apple eaters and while 7646 or 91% of the respondents to the survey were non-apple eaters or occasional apple eaters.

The findings suggest that the regular apple eaters consumed lesser amounts of prescription medications. Prescription drugs are only dispensed on prescriptions i.e. after the doctor examines the patients and prescribes drugs to him/her. The over the counter or OTC medicines are those health product and medications that can be consumed without requiring the advice of a physician / doctor.

When it came to health-related and socio-demographic characteristics, there was not much difference found between the regular apple eaters and non-apple eaters. Also, not much difference was found between  the 2 groups when it came to mental problems or a 1 night hospital stay.

However,  apple-eaters, the study found; they required lesser prescription medicines in the past year.

The study concluded that in the present age when all assertions require evidences, it can be safely said “an apple a day keeps the pharmacist away.”