It’s the office that is keeping them unhealthy, reported a well-known magazine here in Britain. Sitting for longer periods is now related to healthy issues and workers do not even realize it. This – even if you workout for an hour at the gym!

sedentary workers

The report says that people should walk around, stand and move around the office so that they free the muscles of the legs and help the body fats to burn. A great has been put forward like standing at the desks and working and even standing while having coffee breaks and also stand and carry on the meetings.

Sedentary lifestyles are related to serious health hazards like cancers, type 2 diabetes and also mental issues. So even if you think you walk to work or cycle to work or even work out for an hour or swim, you are still venerable to various health issues if you have a sedentary job.

The reports say after conducting tests on around 2,000 office workers that sitting at one place for a longer period will slows down the metabolism that helps the body to stay fit and prevent diseases like blood pressure, control sugar levels and burning fats.

The results of sedentary lifestyles that are seen among men and women are different and that also depends on their type of work. Sedentary workers often spend only half an hour on their legs thus damaging the health. Nearly 38% mailed even to those who sat next to them and another 52% had lunch on the desk. Many even put off their toilet urge when they are at work.

Workers too realize that they are at risk of even cardiovascular disease, but they are unable to find a solution to their sedentary job as they have to always work in front of the PC or with files.