New US Cuba Travel and Trade Rule is coming

US Cuba Travel and Trade Rule: The new rules are coming for “US Cuba travel and trade rule” on Friday as these two countries agreed in restoring diplomatic and bilateral relations in last month. So many things which were banned for a long time may be lifted off.

new US Cuba Travel and Trade Rule is going to come in effect from friday

US Cuba Travel and Trade Rule

New Changes in US Cuba Travel and Trade Rule:

Many things are going to change after these new rules of US Cuba travel and trade rule come in effect.

For Business: US citizens will be allowed to use their credit cards and import technologies for business in Cuba. All the American company can export software in Cuba and can provide internet facility without any special license. According to the latest surveys Cuba has the least internet penetration rate in the world! Yes. It is nearly 5%.

Usage of credit card: There was a limit on spending in Cuba, but after Friday there will be no such rule and US citizen can spend as much as they wish to enjoy.

Cuban Cigarettes: The ban from Cuban cigarettes will be lifted and every US citizen can carry Cuban cigarettes and alcohol valued up to 100 USD while returning from Cuba.

Travelling: According to the White House, 17000 American visited Cuba last year. But it is still a headache to get all necessary permits to get in Cuba. It will resume the ban on “Ordinary Travel” for US citizen. Cuba will add a dozens of reasons for travelling there in the visa form of Cuba.

Present Scenario of new US Cuba Travel and Trade Rule:

Though president Obama is trying a lot to ease the current financial embargo from Cuba completely, he will need to convince the congress for the same. But everyone in White House is feeling it is going to be very difficult to get the clearance from the US Congress. They may not agree on the topic of lifting full embargo from Cuba anytime soon.

A Cuban-American senator said;

“This is a windfall for the Castro regime that will be used to fund its repression against Cubans,” he said in a statement.

It is expected that the republican will oppose this and will try to make some changes in the new US Cuba travel and trade rule.

“Today’s announcement takes us one step closer to replacing out-of-date policies that were not working and puts in place a policy that helps promote political and economic freedom for the Cuban people,” said US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew in a statement.

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