Nowhere to Shit!!!

It is morning, Time to use the toilet. But wait! Have you ever thought about millions of people across the globe that doesn’t have a toilet not even shared? (Private toilet is seen as luxury). So where do they go? Morning for millions of people in Africa and Asia is just another day of trouble. Trouble to search a place to relief themselves, or in other words finding a place to shit. Talking about our nation India where the numbers of cell phones are almost equal to the total population but the number of useable toilets less than half. India’s immediate neighbor Bangladesh has done well to handle this problem. He has introduced the centralized sanitation scheme which reduced the numbers from 19 – 3 % in just 2 years. It is a major step toward making the nation healthy.

Nowhere to Shit

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“Toilet” the term which was not so important till yesterday why is the talk of the town now? From Prime Minister to Late Missile Man why has everyone focused more on this very basic thing? This very basic thing or the basic need is deprived off from almost 636 million (counted) people across the nation. And this is just the survey report of 2011 a lot has been added in past 3 years to it. Having toilet is a key factor for hygiene and safety for any society. Numerous diseases like food poisoning, plague and bowl infection are the main diseases spread by open defecation affecting the health of all. Acc. to the national survey 70% in rural and 55% in urban households do not have toilets.

Lack of toilet not only spread diseases but also causes wilderness and insecurity among people esp. women. A recent study by U.N.I.C.E.F shows that women are more prone to face violent activity compare to men. Which is proven to be right in some manner, if one takes a deeper look of the crime locations in recent rape cases across the nation. The rape case of Katra, Baudin , Jehanabad are only few among the heap of cases where the victim was found in the isolated area with the purpose to defecate . In U.P alone every year almost 100 incident occur due to lack of toilet. Lack of toilet brings a sense of shame and destroys courage of women. In India where the patriarchal system believes that the pride and honor rests on women it is shocking and hypocrite of them to let them defecate in open. Women are not raped in India because of lack of toilet but lack of toilet makes them easy prey for rapers. Rape are only one of the threats wild animals, poisonous reptiles adds the list. As they have chance only to defecate before dawn or after dusk the tendency to hold for long results into various disease like gastric constipation etc.

Indian govt has invested heavily on its sanitation project in this one year but the investment seems to be more in pockets and less in toilets. Many N.G.Os which scrutinize govt.’s work came into unanimous conclusion criticizing the sanitation drive of govt. Many local and international N.G.Os like Oxfam Foundation, Sulabh Shauchalay, Nav Shakti, are doing their parts of building toilets and training people to use and clean them. Sulabh International wins the limelight due to its effort to build eco toilet converting the waste into manure or black manure helping farmers and creating less pressure on the defective sanitation facility of the nation. A recent campaign by Jaiprakash Narayan of “No Toilet- No Brides” is helping to bring awareness. Also the video campaign issued in public health by govt. of India saying “Jahan Soch Wahan Shauchalay” is also helping the cause.

Toilets would help to create a social harmony and peace in the long run to any society as they would give security, freedom a healthy and disease free population. But in short run it might just clean your locality, state and nation. So next time you use your toilet think about millions of population who doesn’t have one. Invest and help someone to create toilet it will come back to you one day sure in kind.

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  1. Ashish kumar jha says:

    Rightly put by d author…. Really nice work Miss runthala…..

  2. hariom khandelwal ... says:

    very pity …very very pity …and we r talking of going to mars ..

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