The word “Celebrity” arouses curiosity in our minds. We all love to watch them. When we watch actors on screen, we love their appearance and watch to be like them. In today’s world, all, especially youth are much obsessed with celebrities. We find their lives to be very interesting and happening.

They get to visit places and meet new people every time. Celebrities have a life of their own and that is what attracts youngsters the most. As seen today, we try to follow celebrities. We follow their hairstyles, dresses and everything that we like in them. A Celebrity is like an idol to us. We follow them to the core.

Obsession With CelebritiesYoungsters are mostly driven by the way they live their life. They have fame and popularity. They are the most talked of in groups and while chatting. All of the celebrities are not liked by all. Everyone have their own choice of celebrities. We mostly behave as if they are our friends and we can’t hear a word against them. Practically, we are totally obsessed with celebrities. We can’t think of a life without movies and without celebrities. Daydreaming is a major part of watching a movie. Obsession is to that level in some people that they can do go to any heights to meet their favorite celebrity. We imagine ourselves with our favorite celebrities and we dream to be in that movie.

Obsession With Celebrities the times of worldIt is mostly seen today that with the advent of social media and messaging sights like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Celebrities try to maintain a relationship with their fans. Celebrities talk to their fans and reply to them with help of these kind of sites. This is increasing the level of obsession to a great extent. Most people send cards and gifts to their loved celebrities. They try to contact their celebrities in any way they can.

Celebrities have a luxurious life and they get to attend parties and award shows. They get to wear the best of clothes and shoes. They maintain themselves very well. They get to face the camera all the time. They get attention from everyone.  Youngsters mostly have the notion that celebrities have a great life but it is not the case always. They have to go through difficulties too to be in the hearts of people.

humpty-sharma-ki-dulhania-wallpaper4Celebrities should be liked but it is not good to be totally obsessed by them. Even they are human beings. They should not be treated as one and all. Movies are not real and celebrities also go through same troubles that a normal human being faces.