Pakistan’s Invitation To Narendra Modi- A new Era to start or Return of 1999?

Pakistan invited NAMO to visit Pakistan in next year. It’s the first time from Pakistan’s side- they invited Narendra Modi. Indian PM Narendra Modi has acknowledged an invitation from his Pakistani partner Nawaz Sharif to go to a regional summit in Islamabad one year from now. Both the countries are describing it as the first step towards regional peace though there was no mention of Kashmir and Lakhvi- The main two points, India has been talking about. It’s time to see what actually happened in Modi-Sharif talks in Russia.

Pakistan invited NAMO next year

Pakistan’s Invitation- A new mask or real wish to resolve border issues?

This will be Mr Modi’s first visit to Pakistan after he took power a year ago. A meeting between the two leaders of subcontinent on Friday came after expanded border dangers and India scratched off secretary-level talks a year ago.

India has been accusing Pakistani secret service- ISI for different terrorists’ activities in India. Many proofs suggested that ISI has been funding and provide training to the terrorists and that also in Pakistan’s main land! They additionally consented to help assist the 2008 Mumbai dread assault trial, faulted for Pakistan based activists. Ajmal Kasav who was a Pakistani by birth (though Pakistan denied the fact) was nabbed after Mumbai attack and got death sentence in trial.

In 1999, Vajpayee was also invited for meeting but everyone knows what happened then. It’s very tough to understand the stand of Pakistan right now. Moreover Ministers of Pakistan have been accusing India for many issues including their newest initiative – RANDI!

Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi- Got Bail!

Another point is the terrorist master mind- Lakhvi. Pakistan did not find any evidence against him! The associated driving force with the attacks, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, was discharged on bail from a Pakistani jail in April, a development that India depicted as unfortunate and frustrating.

Regardless he confronts trial – alongside six different suspects – over the attacks, which left 166 individuals dead and harmed peace efforts between the two nations. In a different development, Mr Modi acknowledged Mr Sharif’s invitation to visit Pakistan.

Head administrator Nawaz Sharif emphasized his invitation to Prime Minister Modi to visit Pakistan for the Saarc (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Summit in 2016. PM Modi acknowledged that invitation a joint articulation from the two governments said.

Mutual Understanding or Just Eyewash? 

Both the countries agreed to meet to sketch a guideline to resolve the issues between the two nations. Indian Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar told correspondents that the two sides had likewise consented to hold a meeting of their top security guides to talk about terrorism. Friday’s meeting was the first between the two leaders following Mr. Sharif went to Mr. Modi’s promise taking service in May 2014.

Yet, relations between the atomic powered opponents weakened not long after and in August India drop converses with Pakistan in the wake of blaming it for meddling in its internal affairs. India’s Foreign Ministry representative Vikas Swarup tweeted about Friday’s discussions:

On the eve of the discussions, India blamed Pakistan for executing a border monitor in a terminating episode along the true border that partitions the questioned area of Kashmir. The adversaries have battled three wars since Independence, two of them over Kashmir. Kashmir, asserted by both nations in its total, has been a flash point for over 60 years. A ceasefire concurred in 2003 remaining parts set up, yet the neighbors regularly blame one another for damaging the environment. Last September, in his first discourse at the UN, Mr Modi said he needed peace chats with Pakistan however demanded it must make a suitable condition. In 2013 months of conflicts left more than 20 Indian and Pakistani fighters dead. Almost the same number of civilians, the vast majority of them on the Pakistani side, were likewise killed in the clash.

What Next?

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