Paul Walker: A Tribute

It’s been a long day without you, my friend. And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.

Paul WalkerThere is no way to write a story like this without feeling a pinch or a sudden sadness come over you.

April 3rd, 2015 is a day to be treasured. It is the last day we will ever see Paul Walker premiere at a box office. Some would call it his greatest achievement, the movie whose franchise only ever gets better.

Most of the world believe that is where life began for Paul Walker on screen. After his death messages of recognition for his previous works came flooding in, one article at a time. But we all know the only character that struck our hearts was Brian O’Connor, the savy cop gone bad once he was sucked into the world of fast cars.

What the world didn’t know is there was more to Paul Walker than a man who transformed when the director yelled ‘action’. Paul Walker founded Reach Out Worldwide in 2010 following the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti. He physically got on a plane and was on the ground. He talked to families and did what he could to help with his two hands. It’s not every day you find a celebrity who is willing to get their hands dirty for a cause.

Paul Walker in Haiti after the earthquake hit in 2010Staying true to his character he had a passion for cars. This may sound blunt, but he left the earth a happy man. In a fast car. He started competing  semi-professionally race car driving in 2010 in the Redline Time Attack. He was also part owner of Always Evolving. He lived his passion and the Fast and Furious franchise gave him the opportunity to to work with his passion.

Paul became a father at 25 and he was never shy about admitting he hadn’t meant for it happen. That is the definition of a real man. One who can own up to his wrongs and do something to make it better. His daughter lived in Hawaii for 12 years with her mother before moving to California to live with him. Like any man reunited with a child he became the father a daughter could ask for.

Paul and his daughter Meadow

Paul and his daughter Meadow

It’s not November yet, not for a few months. When November comes around he would have been gone for 2 years.

One thing about Paul Walker he touched many lives through his character. I have never met him, we weren’t friends or family but as I write this it feels like I am writing about the dearest of friends that I’ve lost. I always said I would meet Paul Walker and tell him what an amazing person I thought he was and see that smile on his face. But after listening to his cast mates and friends and family’s tribute messages to him, he knew. He knew he was appreciated and he knew when he was no longer here we would celebrate him because he changed our lives, whether it was through his characters or in person. In one way or another.

I would like to thank the Fast and Furious Franchise for giving us a chance to say goodbye to Paul Walker. The last five minutes of Fast 7 give us the opportunity to send him off to.

They say the streets of heaven are made of gold. Paul Walker up there with his foot on the pedal waiting for yet another 10-second run.

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