When the term cricket is mentioned in front of you, what picture comes in mind? Picture of batsman and bowler playing in the field. But for Indians it is much more than that. India is a nation where cricket is more than just a sport, it is lived by the people in their own manner. With the years of dedication, it has outgrown itself into a form of religion and like any other established religion it has gods. Every match played by India is taken very seriously and every achievement is celebrated as festivals across the nation. Effect of cricket is seen on people, society and even on politics. It would be imbecilic to ask about the ongoing “modi-swaraj vivaad” which has now turned into “modi-swaraj-gandhi vivaad”, as you the cricket worshiper must have read all the details about it and carefully made your opinion on the matter supporting or criticizing govt depending your level of understanding of the matter. But what you have missed to understand is the seriousness of this issue with the respect on the Indian political system. Indian political system is in itself complex controversial and dirty.


Indian politics has increasingly earned a bad name in the world. Indian politicians is known for their uncivil talks and disarray sign of running the parliament. The recent advancement on this issue has led to the personal accusation in the parliament.What stated of as mere disagreement over the issuing of visa to former I.P.L chairman Mr Lalit Modi has grown into a serious of serious personal accusations bringing the deceased as well. The speech debate of both External Minister and Vice President of the Indian National Congress in the parliament on Wednesday were less suited to their respective ministry they hold.

The personal accusation by these minister has not only defamed the parliament but also put serious doubts over the running of India’s political system in the international arena. It can be a learning for the congress & bjp government on how to handle the party better and debate well. The lessons to learn from this issue for the B.J.P government can be : firstly if any help from the family and friends come to the political member holding a position in the government, they should try to dodge the matter to some other officer or minister.

Preventing the later consequences and charges of favoritism. Secondly Modi being the captain of the ship should try to cement and camouflage the dents which exists, for example the rivalry between ‘Advani – Modi’, ‘Jaitly-Gadkari’ etc. are very evident to all. The need of the hour is to put this away from the eyes of people media and the opposition and focus on work. Thirdly the very important suggestion to the Modi’s govt is to empower the minister not to restrict them. Empowering may lead to satisfaction of the ministers and less mistake will be made. This incident teaches not only to B.J.P but also to congress first lesson is to improve their debate. If you play the recordings of the parliamentary debate of the ‘Swaraj-Gandhi’, most of the argument made by them are baseless, if congress wants to win the election it has to improve the argument’s quality. Second the most important lesson which should be applicable to both the parties is not to make personal comments in the house. This whole issue is upsetting and disturbing for any Indian. The ‘modi-swaraj-gandhi’ debate is closely watched by the world media and highly judged, earning India a bad name. This controversy has put question mark on the conduct of the M.Ps, credentials of the ministry of external affairs, and the work ethics of the cricket association of India. With all the negativity lets just hope that we are not ashamed to Bleed Blue and wear Tri- Color.