Pollution: The Growing Menace and The Aftermath

Pollution has been an issue from several years around the world. We have been hearing it far too often in daily news channels, newspapers, magazines, environmental tribunals and many more places but seem like only people worried about this alarming situation are the Greenpeace activists, environmentalists or some social activists. We have other issues to look into in our daily life than to care about pollution and its ill effects on our environment. We have been least worried about the air we breathe daily in our offices, public places, on our roads, traffic jams.

Pollution The Growing Menace and The AftermathAccording to the recent statistics, Beijing has been placed at the top of the list of most polluted cities in the world thankfully to their growing industries and the amount of smoke they produce every day. Wait, “Are we going too far?” perhaps we are missing something or the other. Oh Yes! Who can forget out our capital city, our desi version of Beijing. The Capital city of New Delhi has not been too far from its Chinese counterpart. It has been ranked the second on the list and most of us are not surprised of that.

People may blame the developing nature of these capitals, but the truth is that the citizens of these cities are suffering a lot. Maybe it’s not a sudden impact but the effects looms large on us in the coming future. We see people suffering from skin diseases, lung diseases, breathing problems and many more to add on, but we don’t have time to take care of such issues and nor our government has been kind enough to act smartly in the past decade.

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Laws are being made, being passed by governments but are not implemented as they should have been. As a result, the situation remains same. It remains dull and dangerous for our future generations to come. The New government elected last year came up with many promises to give our urban population a healthy living; those promises are yet to be implemented. Only consolation can be that there has been a start though. The government has started to implement a handful of laws which would bear fruits in future. The start has been made from the Capital city of New Delhi and hopefully it goes on to be implemented in each and every city of India.

National Green Tribunal (NGT), Act of Parliament to expedite the resolution of issues related to Environmental factors has cited a set of measures to put a stop on increasing air pollution. Of these measures, two have been noteworthy i.e. complete ban on petrol vehicles manufactured more than 15-year-old and ban on diesel vehicles manufactured 10 years ago. This law comes as refreshment for many activists who have been pleading for such kind of strict laws and rules from years together. The law seems to be a perfect start for the city to curb excess air pollution in its streets every day. The main point to be noticed is the implementation of this act and the time taken by our public to faithfully act on it. Under the above-mentioned ban New Fitness Certificate Renewal will not be allowed for such vehicles and a complete ban on their plying on roads even with a duplicate copy or by any other agencies.

Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented.

This move has been seen as a welcome gesture by the government with most of their pre-election promises. The act is applicable to all kinds of private or commercial vehicles. According to the act, it should be strictly implemented in the capital by the last week of April. Under the act, border checks will be set up at places like Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad and Gurgaon to avoid such vehicles entering the national capital. The traffic police also have the right to seize such vehicles and fine levied to its owner.

There have been several hue and cry by private agencies and also the opposition about the sudden implementation of this act. There have been penalties and public notifications about the implementation of this order in recent days. With this Act, there has been also an Exchange policy of old vehicles in NCR territory at a valuation price or vis-à-vis scrap value. This move will encourage owners of such vehicles to act quickly even though the valuation price it at a lower side. This act also prevents the owner to re-register his/her old vehicle in any other state which will put him/her under illegal practises.

This act has been a good start by the Government of India and has been seen as a welcome move with a precious objective of improving the deteriorating air quality which is causing serious airborne diseases to people around and even animals and plants. The act should be taken strictly at every level of governance and should be implemented to other cities in India as soon as possible. This move will surely help to improve the urban living conditions for today and for years to come. The government has taken a big stride and now it’s our turn to replicate them and do our bit to save our surroundings, our environment and our earth.

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  1. Actually, pollution isn’t all that discussed by the news media because it’s been completely crowded out by stories about climate change. It’s sad because around the world, far more people are being negatively impacted – if not killed – by pollution of the air, water and soil then arepeople who been inconvenienced by global warming. Sad.

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