Los AngelesAngelina Jolie, the celebrity who removed both her breast – mastectomy, as a preventive measure for breast cancer, has now removed both her ovaries as she has chances of developing ovarian cancer.

This decision has made many eyebrows raised because it is a decision that some say was unnecessary as only one in 54 women have the chance to develop cancer if they have BRCA gene mutations.

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie carries the BRCA 1 gene mutation and doctors say that it is best to remove the tubes, as well as the ovaries because she has a family history and also carries the BRCA. There is however clarification from Jolie herself, who says that the decision was due to the fact that she would develop cancer at any stage of life and the doctors told her she had 50% chances of ovarian cancer if she did not go under the knife.

She also says that she does not want everyone to go under the knife. She is 39 years of age and it is the right time for surgery as it is the time when the cancer cells are now grown. Jolie is creating awareness about the deadly disease and encouraging women to have a great healthy life.

But, not all are happy with what she has revealed. Some say that it was just not necessary as not all who tested positive for BRCA would risk suffering from cancer. Doctors say that there are preventive measures like surveillance, medical management and surgery.

It can be a complicated decision for the average woman who wants to bear children and may choose the other options. Surgery might not be the right option for them. However, catching up ovarian cancer is not easy as catching breast cancer and so the best decision is to remove them completely.