Protests in Pondicherry University

It’s the 6th day of endless protest in the Pondicherry central university. Pondicherry University or P.U. (as called by students) is situated in the peaceful town or union territory of Pondicherry. The university has its reputation of growing at a fast pace only 30years. But lately it has faced major development hitches like lack of hostel facilities, low grade mess food, lack of funds to various depts., water scarcity, no stipend to post graduate students, low security, red tapeism etc. But one issue which made students, faculty and social activists to leave their respective jobs and sit on roads is the appointment of alleged fake academician Vice Chancellor Dr. Chandra Krishnamurthy.

Protest in P.U.

On 2013 M.H.R.D appointed Dr. Chandra Krishnamurthy as the vice chancellor of the Pondicherry Central University on the basis of her previous work and degrees. But which later found out to be false.  As per the R.T.I filled by P. Raghupati in which he demanded the full academic and work profile of P.U’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Chandra Krishnamurthy turned out to be bogus. The supreme court of India with the joint sitting of M.H.R.D revealed the necessary information stating the PhD thesis of Dr. Chandra Krishnamurthy filled with 98% plagiarism and unfit for the doctorate degree. Plus she lacked the 10-year teaching experience required for the post.

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She has already got a memo by the M.H.R.D to explain in detail the appointment procedure and academic holdings of her earlier this year, but it hasn’t been replied by her office. As per students and faculty, the current V.C. has neglected all the issues of university and has been away from the town giving only guest appearances.

Students, teachers & non-teaching staff having been unhappy with the behavior and working of the current V.C. came together for a protest on Monday. On the second day i.e. Tuesday students and teachers paid respect to late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and observed a one-day fast in front of V.C.’s home. On Thursday students and faculties from other affiliated colleges of Pondicherry University also joined the protest in the main campus at Kalapet. About 2000 students left their classes and sat on roads in front of University’s gate denying the V.C. and her staff to enter, with placards written ‘Down V.C. ‘Hitler Go Back’ ‘We Want New V.C’ etc. What started off as a peaceful protest marked to be violent yesterday when students were beaten up by the police and local goons allegedly sent by V.C.. 50 students and faculty were arrested and sent to nearby Kalapet police station. 10 students happen to be seriously injured and admitted in P.I.M.S. Of being questioned over this issue, she seemed to be hard to reach. This incident rapidly captured media’s attention and made its place in national dailies and on social media in no time.

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