In Europe, it’s Greece and in US, it’s Puerto Rico that has gone under a kind of emergency situation. Puerto Rico’s governor has said the US territory can’t pay its $72bn (£45bn) obligation and is near to defaulting in front of crisis converses with legislature. Though the crisis in Greece and Puerto Rico is different in character, people of Puerto Rico think that if it’s not controlled quickly, situation will turn worse. It may also cause economic shut down.

Puerto Rico governor said it can't repay its debt now

In a TV channel on Monday, Alejandro Garcia, the governor of the Puerto Rico Padilla said he would look for a moratorium on reimbursements and need a team to fully restructure the public debts in Puerto Rico.

But all wishes nipped in a bud when White House representative Josh Earnest says the US government has discounted a federal bailout for the US Island. Puerto Rico is a self administrated area under US. It’s not connected to the US mainland. Though the people of Puerto Rico are US citizen, they don’t have right to vote for the US President Election.

Puerto Rico | It’s close to Financial Emergency

The self governed US Island has been in a severe recession subsequent to 2006. Circumstances are turning to the economic shut down. Is it going to be another Greece as this US Island is under a mountain debt amounting $72 billion!  It clearly said that, it is incapable of paying this huge debt at a time and at this time also. Increasing tax is not the way of getting out of this situation now. They urged for the US help- a bailout plan for the Puerto Rico.

Planners of Puerto Rico need to support a $9.8bn spending plan on Tuesday, which calls for $674m in a part and sets aside $1.5bn to help pay off the debt of the Island. Talking on Monday evening, Mr Garcia Padilla encouraged the US Central Authority to concede Puerto Rico the capacity to record for insolvency, empowering a delay of debt installments for quite a while- a some years basically.

Regardless of the fact that we expand incomes and cut expenses, the class and the magnitude of the issue is such that we would not resolve anything given the heaviness of the obligation we’re dragging– the governor cautioned in a TV channel meet.

Puerto Rico Can’t File Bankruptcy

The main way we’ll escape from this opening is to unite and concur, including bondholders, to expect a portion of the penances. Puerto Rico is at present not qualified to rebuild its debts under US chapter 11 codes in light of the fact that it is not a municipality.

As indicated by Reuters, the White House said on Monday it would ask Congress to consider an adjustment in the law that would permit the island to bow out of all financial obligations. Mr. Garcia Padilla prior conceded the island was near to a monetary passing winding in a meeting with the New York Times. If the bail out delayed or not granted, the whole economic system will collapsed.

A report published by global financial specialist’s hours before the governor’s meeting with journalists gave a gruff appraisal of Puerto Rico’s monetary issues, saying its debts were unsustainable and should have been rebuilt.

Wall Street used to be sure that Puerto Rico would have the capacity to discover an exit from its current money related wreckage. Be that as it may, that sureness no more exists. In saying Puerto Rico can’t pay its $72bn in public debt, the governor has essentially told Wall Street that the island is in default. On Monday, Puerto Rican bonds dropped by 12%.

Be that as it may, why ought to anybody living on America’s main land think about an island with 3.6 million individuals? Not at all like Greece, where huge foundations hold the greater part of its obligation, is the same not valid for Puerto Rico. A lot of its debt is held by individual speculators in the United States, in money related instruments like mutual fund. That uncovered more individual Americans to its monetary flimsiness. Puerto Rico should now arrange with its lenders for an arrangement. Furthermore, as we are seeing with Greece, arranging with banks can be a long and chaotic procedure.

Despite the fact that the island is a US territory whose occupants are allowed citizenship, it doesn’t have the same status as different states and regions. This implies it is not able to record for chapter 11 in the same way that the US city of Detroit, Michigan, did in 2013 on the off chance that it can’t raise enough cash to reimburse its debts.

The territory’s circumstance has attracted the new comparison to Greece, where the government has close banks and forced limitations on cash withdrawals etc etc. It’s expected that US will change some laws by passing an emergency bill for Puerto Rico. Then only it will come out of the recession and financial emergency like conditions.