Putin Pushes Ukrainian Government for Blockade of East Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin pushes Kiev for the blockade of East Ukraine. He said that Kiev was responsible for what was going on in Ukraine. Putin marked the Pro Russian movement in Eastern Ukraine.

What Putin Said | Russia & Ukraine

Putin denied report of presence of Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine. He also said that Russia was not supplying any arms to the Pro Russian Rebels, they sent humanitarian aids to the people of Eastern Ukraine where maximum people are Pro Russians.

Russian President Putin

President Putin said these all in the phone in with Russians. There was a report that stated that Ukrainian President Mr. Petro Poroshenko had offered (On an occasion and sent secret mail) to let Russia have the rebel held region in the Donbas area.

Putin accused Ukranian government for the current situation of Eastern Ukraine. He said that Ukrainian authorities are cutting off these regions by their own hands and that’s most disgraceful.

He stated-

[quote_box_center]”There is hope if Ukrainian government looks at that”     [/quote_box_center]

When discussion went on economies, Putin assured people of Russia that their country (Russia) would come out of recession within next two years. He put some reports up that showed that Agricultural sector in Russia was growing up and that’s faster than expected.

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