Ramadi Battle|ISIS Preparing To Defend Ramadi

ISIS preparing themselves to defend the capital of Anbar Province in Iraq. After intense fight in Ramadi, ISIS fighters were able to take the city in their grip fully. Government troops were withdrawn and after that at last last standing army was withdrawn from the city yesterday. But Iraqi government said that they would start operation in Ramadi soon. That’s why ISIS is trying to set some strategic positions in the city- Ramadi. Practically ISIS is preparing all the possible ways to defend the city and wants to make this city as a stronghold so that they can go for further operation in other cities. An other reason is that the city Ramadi is a very strategically important city as this is connected to several important oil fields and routes.

Ramadi Battle

Ramadi Battle | Shia Militias are Ready to Strike Back

On the other hand, Iran backed Shia militias gathered in the east of Ramadi. They are supposed to enter the city and start a head to head with ISIS.

According to the local people of Ramadi,

[quote_box_center]If the Shia militias enter Ramadi, they will do the same things being done by Daesh, In both cases, we will be either killed or displaced. For us, the militias and IS militants are two faces of the same coin[/quote_box_center]

Situation is getting worse and a heavy fighting is on the way as Iraqi security forces and Shia militias gathered to retake the hold of this important city from ISIS.

More than 25000 people have left the city. ISIS has taken over the military quarters and airfields in Ramadi. And 3000 Shia militants are gearing up themselves for the upcoming Ramadi operation to retake the city from ISIS.

Ramadi Battle | Current Situation of Ramadi

According to the report, IS militants are torching every houses for searching of pro government men and polices. Some departmental stores also have been looted.

Shia militia group al-Hashd al-Shaabi is preparing for recapture of Ramadi.

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