Ramadi, the capital of the largest state of Iraq- Anbar had fallen today and went to the hand of IS for another time. The city has been experiencing an intense fighting over last few days. IS was trying to retake its position in this strategically important city. Islamic state of Iraq and Syria engaged in a deadly fighting with the government forces there in Ramadi. Today morning, Iraqi forces retreated and withdrew themselves from some positions of Ramadi- basically from east Ramadi.

Ramadi Falls to ISIS

Ramadi Falls | IS controlling the east Ramadi Army Base

ISIS got the control of an army base in East Ramadi. They also got some left behinds of Iraqi army like missile launchers and tanks. Iraqi government said that they would deploy more army and shia militia to repel the IS from Ramadi. Though from social medias we have gotten many pictures that are showing that Iraqi soldiers are leaving their positions in Ramadi, Iraqi government confirmed that they were not leaving their positions, they were regrouping themselves only. They have no intention to let the city overrun by IS.

Why Ramadi is Strategically important?

Ramadi is just 112 km away from the capital of Iraq- Baghdad. It is strategically important because it is the very next western city from Baghdad and had many route connected to many oil fields nearby. Government can’t effort to let those oil fields go in control of ISIS again.

Ramadi Fights & US Reports

As per the report, Iraqi soldiers were running out of ammunition. That’s why they had to retreat from their forward base in east Ramadi. US has not confirmed anything yet. According to the report from US army- everything is running fluidly in Ramadi. Iraqi soldiers did not lose anything to IS yet but intense fighting is going on there on every streets of Ramadi.

Prime minister of Iraq said that they would not leave an inch till single man stands there and ordered for immediate reinforcement to the fighters in Ramadi.

An US official said in Baghdad-

[quote_box_center]We’re continuing to monitor reports of tough fighting in Ramadi and the situation remains fluid and contested. It is too early to make definitive statements about the situation on the ground there at this time[/quote_box_center]

More than 500 civilians have been killed and about 8000 have been displaced. It’s just a pause and another serious reinforcement and deadly fighting is waiting as government forces are gearing up themselves for the strike on IS with continuous air support.