Russia and Argentina Enters in Energy Deal

Russia and Argentina enters in a historic energy deal. It may help Argentina to bypass the upcoming power crisis. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Argentine President Cristina Fernandez signed the agreement of mutual co-operation in energy and power sectors. An undisclosed deal on defence sector has also been signed but both Argentina and Russia didn’t make any revelations on it.

Russia and Argentina Energy Deal

Russia and Argentina Energy & Power Deals

Russia ensured two big investment in Argentina by this agreement. One hydroelectric plant and a nuclear power plant near the capital. MOU on defence deals took place too but that was not disclosed to media.

Russia-Latin America Business | Effort to minimize US-EU sanctions

Russia is keen to increase business relations and activities with Latin American nations as it is already in back foot position after US and EU imposed economic sanctions over ongoing Ukrainian crisis. Rosatom nuclear corporation of Russia has agreed to build a new reactor  at Argentina’s Atucha 3 nuclear power plant (that was built by Russia earlier).

Russia and Argentina & Falkland Issue

Putin added that these MOUs will help Argentina to bring latest Russian technologies. Shrewd Putin also pinned the Falkland issue. He said that Russia would do every possible effort to clear the dispute over Falkland and would arrange a talk between Argentina and England.

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