Russia Bans 89 European Leaders and Politicians

Russia has taken a surprise action and has banned 89 European leaders including politicians, military heads and journalists of European Union countries. These is a list of Putin critics actually. All European countries criticize this action of Russia though Russia did not respond in any way. Surprisingly United States of America has not given any response in this occasion. Politics experts believe that this is a temporary ban, Russia is doing all these to give a tight pat on the EU countries over Ukraine issues.

EU Russia Tussle started

Why Russia Banned EU Leaders from Entering Russia

There is nothing special. This is a kind of “tit for tat” action against the European countries. Almost all European countries joined United States of America when it imposed “No Trade” barrier against Russia over the Ukraine issues. Russia did not shout loud against it, rather Russia concentrated on expanding business with Latin American countries and some Asian allies like India.

Who are there in the Banned List of Russia

European council expressed anxiety over the Banned list of Russia and called this list “totally arbitrary and unjustified”. But from Russia’s end no explanation has received yet. Let’s have a look on the list-

1. The list includes general secretary of the European council Uwe Corsepius.

2. Former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

3. Kremlin from France who has been one of the most outspoken critics of Russian Government and Vladimir Putin.

4. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte

5. Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom

6. French philosopher and writer Bernard-Henri Levy

7. Former Belgian Prime minister Guy Verhofstadt is also included in the list.

8. European Union’s retired enlargement chief Stefan Fule

9. Former Czech foreign minister, Karel Schwarzenberg and many other.

How the News Came in Light

Russia did not release the list first. It had came in news far before Russian authorities confirmed it.

An official of European Union Combined Military Forces said,

[quote_box_center]We don’t have any other information on legal basis, criteria and process of this decision[/quote_box_center]

It first came as a leak in a German channel and had gone viral in social networking sites. Russia confirmed the truth later. Though Russia has not released all the names of 89 persons yet but said that ban came in effect as a result of EU sanctions against Russia after Ukraine conflict.

Russia issued a circular on this regard and said that all diplomats and leaders from countries that have imposed financial sanctions on Russia over Ukraine issues must check with Russian embassy offices before travelling to see whether they were banned or not.

EU’s Sanction & Russia’s Revenge by banning 89 persons

European Union imposed the sanction on Russia when it annexed Crimea region in March 2014. Then Russia went for fore front support of Pro Russian Protesters in Ukraine and supplied all kind of amenities. Already one fourth land of Ukraine is under governance of Pro Russian rebels. Russia supports the rebels but has been denying any kind of arms supply.

Reaction After Russia’s Ban on 89 EU Politicians

Reaction started to come one by one when it went public officially. Every European country criticize this decision and spoke against it.

Dutch Reaction on Russia’s Ban List

Prime minister of Netherland Mark Rutte said that his country would not obey that ban as it was not according to the international law. Three Dutch politicians and public leaders are on the list of Russia.

British Reaction on Russia’s Ban List

Similar Reaction came from Britain, as British intelligence former MI6 chief Sir John Sawers, military chiefs of British Forces, it includes MI5 director general Andrew Parker and chief of the defence staff General Sir Nicholas Houghton are also reportedly in the list of “Banned Persons”. Not only this, former British deputy prime minister Minister Nick Clegg is also on the list.

Foreign affairs office of Britain said,

[quote_box_center]The Russian authorities have not provided any legal basis for the list or for the names on it. If Russia thinks this action will cause the EU to change its position on sanctions, it is wrong [/quote_box_center]

Swidish Reaction on Russia’s Ban List

Margot Wallstrom, Sweden’s foreign minister said,

[quote_box_center]Sweden has asked for an explanation from Russia.[/quote_box_center]

Czech Reaction on Russia’s Ban List

Czech Republic replied in a strong way and asked for further explanation on the ban like Sweden.

Karel Schwarzenberg, former foreign minister of Czech Reoublic said,

[quote_box_center]I consider this a reward[/quote_box_center]

Other Countries on the Russia’s ban list

Almost all countries have faced the ban from Russia. Only Switzerland is an exception in this case. Perhaps it is just because of the tag of “Neutral Country” in European Union zone. Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Romania, Finland, Spain and Bulgaria.

Russia’s Clarification

Russian news agency Tass published an article on this regard and explained why Russia made the list and banned those persons from entering Russia. Yes, it is purely political-

Why it was precisely these people, named on the list is very simple…Why? It was prepared and was put into effect in answer to the sanctions campaign over Ukraine issues where Russia has been saying that it has not been involved in any kind arms supply, it has moral support to the Pro Rusian rebels only, which has been waged in relation to Russia by several countries of the European Union since April 2014.

There is no immediate sign of ending the political tussle between Russia and European Union right now. US is silent over this issues and if US speaks on this issue, it will take the side of EU for sure as usual. Now it is to see how this over the top tussle ends.

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