Russia’s Syria War- Veterans See The Shadow of Afghanistan

It has been 26 years considering that Soviet troops pulled out of Afghanistan. Yet today Russia, once more, goes to battle outside the previous Soviet Union – in Syria. Is it going to be the next Afghanistan? It’s a long point to discuss on. But first of all we need to focus on the things similar in Syria and Afghanistan both. One was fought in 1980-90 and another seems to start. Many war veterans of Afghanistan are afraid of this thing that Putin’s decision to go on war against terrorist in Syria.

Modern Russia usually declares it has found out the lessons of Afghanistan, and that never ever again will it allow itself to be drawn into a long bloody war, long away from its boundaries. Afghanistan asserted the lives of more than 15,000 Soviet soldiers.

“Every soldier that existed thought of life and death” Vladimir remembers. “We all thought we may not make it out active. I really felt such a need to leave something of me behind on this Planet. So I started creating songs” one of the war veteran of Afghanistan said.

“The primary lesson of Afghanistan is that politicians need to hesitate before getting involved in an armed forces conflict. War is always bad. It shows the weakness of political leaders.”

For a month currently in Syria, Russian bombing planes have actually been executing air strikes, in what Moscow calls a battle on worldwide to counter terrorism. Russia urges it will certainly not deploy ground troops and that Syria will not come to be a second Afghanistan.

Russian Air Force strikes Islamic State positions in Syria

“We have a memory not only of Afghanistan, however also other wars where Russia was involved. For us it’s a very big issue,” Russian Foreign Ministry speaker Maria Zakharova informed me.

“We are not ready or intending to be associated with a long-lasting war. We are supplying a counter-terrorism operation there.”

Russia air strike in Syria

Western leaders think the key objective of Russia’s air campaign is to keep Syrian President of state Bashar al-Assad in power, rather than get rid of terrorists. They accuse Moscow of targeting, much more commonly, opponents of the President Assad.

Russia frowns at being informed by the West that are the terrorists and also that are not.

“Do you keep in mind 9/11?” asks Ms Zakharova. “Did Russia ever ask America that specifically it was having problem with? No, we didn’t. We comprehended that this was a danger for the USA and we fully assisted their war against global terrorism. We provided all our assistance to struggle with this wickedness.”

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