Yes, both of these rival flagships, but what will amaze you this time is the similarity that is found in both of them. Just to make things easier to choose between the two, check what they both have in them that will excite you.


Why would Samsung choose to copy a body design just like Apple iPhone 6? Yes, the Galaxy S6 comes with the same edges around the sides that are smoothly curved and, of course, the bumped out rear camera. No one can ignore that fact that Samsung is now a totally high-end gorilla glass and no plastic while iPhone 6 comes with aluminum. The slimmer, premium looks make both looks alike and no one is complaining about that line. Yes, both win hands down when it comes to looks.

apple iphone 6

The iPhone 6 is incomparable when it comes to display, but you should have a look at the Quad HD displays of the Galaxy. The resolution of the Galaxy s6 is 2560×1440 and iPhone 6 with 1334×750. Just take a look at the camera, while S6 provides a whopping 16Mp, its iPhone 6 that lacks behind with just 8MP. However, buyers will go for the iPhone 6 for sure because of the quality. The RAM that the Galaxy is equipped with is 3Gb and is a better choice no matter what because, its rival comes with just 1 GB. However, when it comes to storage, there is no particular difference here – Because the galaxy and phone have similar space for storage.

The similarities are found in the looks that are there at the display edges and then the rarely bumped camera. The other similarity can be noticed in the specs like both are not water resistant, micro SD lost its place.