Saudi Arabia King Abdulla Died

The king of Saudi Arabia Abdulla died today. His full name was Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. He was at 90 years. He was admitted to the hospital a week before due to weakness but doctor could not revive him and officially announced him dead today.

Soudi King Abdulla died

Saudi King, Abdulla died:

King of Saudi, who had been ruling Saudi Arabia, died after suffering from lung infection for a long time.

Who will be the New King of Saudi Arabia?  

Abdulla’s half brother, Salman who is 79 years old, has declared as the new king of Saudi Arabia after Abdulla’s demise. After taking the charge of the oil rich kingdom, king Salman has said that he would continue same policies as his big brother did.

Who is New King Salman?

The new king, Salman was the governor of the Riyadh province. He had been doing this duty for last 48 years. Now he is the all in all of Saudi kingdom as the defense minister as well according to the Saudi Royal law.

What the new king of Saudi Arabia said:

After taking the oath of as the new king of the Saudi Arabia after his elder brother had died new Saudi king said,

I ask God to help me succeed in my service of the dear Saudi Arabia people. We will be continuing adhering to the most effective and correct policies that Saudi Arabia has followed since its establishment as kingdom.

What America said on this occasion?

As a leader of the Saudi Kingdom, Abdulla was always candid and always had the courage of his convictions. One of those was his steadfast and passionate belief in the importance of the US and Saudi relationship as a force for consistent stability and security in the Middle East and beyond its boundaries

Obama said.

Vice President tweeted his feelings.

Soudi King Abdulla Died

Tweet of the Vice president

What UK Said?

British Prime Minister David Cameron said in an official press meet

Saudi king Abdullah would be remembered for his commitment to peace and for strengthening understanding between faiths”.

After a long period of ruling about ten years Saudi King Abdulla died as his half brother Salman is crowned as the king of the Saudi kingdom. Every counties even Israel also wishes the new Saudi king, Salman.

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