Shaandaar Review : Far From Shaandaar

You actually don’t expect a garbage-level movie like Shaandaar from a director like Vikas Bahl. I mean this couldn’t be coming from someone who directed something as acclaimed as Queen. The movie clearly highlights that, “All that glitters is not gold”. The movie was such a let-down that even the combined screen presence of Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt could not keep the audiences captivated.

The movie revolves around two rich business families, the Aroras and the Fundwanis, who barter their children for a business deal, the reality being that both the families are at the brink of bankruptcy.

The greatest turn-off is the loosely-written script, credited to Vikas Bahl and Chaitally Parmar with dialogues written by Anvita Dutt. The story is set against the backdrop of brewing romance between Jagjinder Joginder (Shahid Kapoor) and Alia Arora (Bhatt), both of whom are insomniacs. Here, Mr. Bahl wants to make us believe that Alia hasn’t slept in the last 25 years of her life but the moment Cupid strikes her she falls asleep! Dark circles are not the kinda things that happen to the sleep-
deprived Alia! Funny, isn’t it?


The star cast includes three members of the same family- Shahid Kapoor, dad Pankaj Kapoor and sister Sanah Kapoor, who debuts with Shaandaar, Sanjay Kapoor and Sushma Seth, who plays the money-minded matriarch in this fairytale romcom.

Vikas Bahl tries to amuse the audiences with everything that he possibly can- animated flashback sequences, over-choreographed dance numbers and also a feminist qawwali to impress his Queen fans. But unfortunately, with a script as shattered as this, not much can be done.

Shaandaar is the first Bollywood movie that deals with the concept of destination wedding. The music of the film is enjoyable, thanks to Amit Trivedi. The music is the only highlight that the movie can boast of!

Only time will tell whether Shaandaar proves to be a goldmine at the box-office or will it bite the dust.

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