17th April turned out fortunate for both London and India. Where, on 17th April, Shah Rukh Khan’s charm cast a spell at London’s fifth annual Asian Awards, there on the other hand signed in a glory of Outstanding Contribution to Cinema’ award in the name of India’s Shah Rukh.

The award ceremony not only flashed Shah Rukh, but teemed with multitude of international celebrities, industrialists, politicians, directors, producers and musicians.

Shah Rukh was caught having gala time with One Direction’s recently-resigned singer Zayn Malik and entrepreneur Paul Sagoo. Snaps twittered by Shah Rukh was evident of his enjoyed spree.

Shah Rukh Khan tweeted that he loved the performance from the cast of Gurinder Chadha’s upcoming West End extravaganza, ‘Bend It Like Beckham – The Musical’.

The man who, when on the stage earned his spurs, like always spurred the audience on to bang of claps. With hands on the award, he blurted out,” “I’d like to thank the world for their inspiration.”

No word can sum up the accomplishments of this man. With a photo with Zayn and one more addition to his award-full life, Shah Rukh simple leave us lipped.