Ship “The Eastern Star” With 450 People Sinks in Yangtze River China , 5 Dead

Another bad news has come from our neighbor, China. Five people are dead and more than hundred people have gone missing after a ship carrying 450 people sank in the Yangtze River in Hubei province of China. Police, para military and divers are tapping the hull of the ship and searching around to rescue people trapped inside.

the eastern star

How the Ship submerged into the Yangtze river

It’s very strange that the ship did not send any emergency SOS message before sinking. The ship turned upside down in the middle of the river. Some people (Survivors) swum to river bank raised the alarm with the help of the local fishermen. Then police were informed immediately.

Rescue Operation After the Mishap

Rescue operation had started soon after the police had informed. More than 1000 soldiers have been deployed in the rescue operation. Military divers have been also deployed to rescue the people trapped inside. Only 12 people have been rescued so far. Due to heavy rainfall and strong wind, rescue personnel’s efforts to reach near the ship has been nipping.

Ship “The Eastern Star” Sinks in Mid Yangtze

The ship “The Eastern Star” is a booked by a travel company and was ferrying tourists from Nanjing to Chongqing, China. Most of them are aged between 50-80. That’s why, police expects that death toll may rise anytime. Hundreds have gone missing. Probability of getting dead bodies of the victims is going down as Strong wind and current is resisting rescue operation.

The ship was carrying 406 people on board. It has a highest carrying capacity of carrying 530 people. Continuing rescue operation is getting tougher. The Eastern Star is 76 m long and weighs 2200 tons. It’s a tougher job to rescue people from the giant hull of “The Eastern Star”.

Captain of “The Eastern Star” Says-

Boat captain and engineer have been detained by police. They were also trapped there. According to the captain of “The Eastern Star”, the ship was caught by a sudden cyclone in mid river and was sunk by heavy turbulent current, just within few minutes. Maximum passengers were asleep then.

Rescue Operation is getting Tight

Government started all around rescue operation. Personnel there are waiting for getting the ship turned up. Local authorities has deployed high powered salvage ship to get the ship pulled upright.

Chinese President Xi Jinping  ordered that no efforts will be spared in the rescue operation in the Yangtze river.

Rescue Work- Late Response

Though government has already controlling news that are coming out from the place. Authorities has already issued emergency notice to the press people to leave the spot immediately.

Some medias has reported late response after the disaster took place. Depth of the water, where the eastern star sank is about 50 feet. But rescue operation started after 2 hours. Medias have been criticizing the late response of the responding authorities.

What Next?

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