Travel is an essential part of life. You probably won’t be able to recall the last time you decided to go to walk to a far off destination. According to a report published in The Hindu “Bangalore city has one vehicle for every two persons”. More fast-paced cities like Mumbai and Delhi have an even higher density of vehicles.

Should You Buy Your Own Car or Call a Cab

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With the population of India being as large as it is, the requirement for motor vehicles has gone up. There are millions of people making the smart choice of buying a car every day, so it makes sense that you should be investing in convenience as well.

However, a car is a huge investment and it’s almost too easy to book a cab than actually go through the process of buying a car.

But, for frequent transportation, it’s handy to have your own car around. However, before you buy one, several questions tend to pop up.

What about fixing any dents that happen? What of the countless other things that could go wrong? There will be a number of unwanted pieces of advice coming your way from people who claim to know better when it comes to the best vehicle for your needs and lifestyle.

This will quickly get confusing. Here are some ways to help you decide if a cab is your go-to transportation, or a vehicle is really the investment you need. Besides this, you’ll also find a few tips on four wheeler insurance that you should keep in mind when actually getting a car.

Cab V/S Car: The Pros and Cons

The ultimate decision of buying a car or booking a cab depends on how much of a distance you travel and the amount of time and money you spend on travel. This time definitely doesn’t get any shorter if you use public transport.

Once you have the specifics of these 2 factors, the next step is to understand the amount of money that goes into your travel. According to this Times of India report, the average person spends about 5% of their income on commuting. Add to this, the cost of acquiring the vehicle, its maintenance and parking fee, and the final amount comes out to be very high. .

The increasing cost of living in cities has also made ownership and maintenance of cars an expensive affair. At the same time, huge traffic jam is depleting the fun out of driving. Consequently, the market has witnessed a rise in the proliferation of technology-based business cab services. Their value based proposition includes real-time booking process, fast access to cabs and digital payment options. Also, renting a car is useful as you can save on car EMIs, insurance, driver’s salary, petrol and parking.

Living in a metropolitan city, you probably travel anywhere between ten to twenty-five kilometers. Of course, you also need to consider other aspects like comfort and being able to go exactly where you want to, both of which are limited when it comes to cabs or public transport.

Moreover, vehicle ownership is still considered a status symbol in India.  Also, random, weekend road trips or a medical emergency are easier with your own car. With an increase in the number of cases of drivers’ misconduct, it’s safer for women to drive on their own.

If, after a thorough analysis of these aspects, you come to the conclusion that cabs or public transport is working out for you, then you should continue using these services. However, if you want a greater degree of control over your travel, invest in a car as soon as possible.

Buying a Car: What to Look Out For?

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Ask anyone with a car what their biggest issue was when it came to purchasing it, and they’re most likely to say insurance. It requires a lot of work to get the best car insurance in the market, and for a good reason.

The insurance you choose has an effect on the life expectancy of your car, based on the assistance you’re liable to receive if your car gets damaged. It’s no surprise then that new car insurance is of utmost importance to buyers.

If the complications and formalities of vehicle purchase and insurance intimidate you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It can get difficult to finalize an insurance plan that doesn’t leave you broke while still offering you the best-possible deal on your four wheeler.

Luckily, this article is here to help.

Which Insurance is the Right One?

Most insurance policies offer you insurance only in case of an accident. However, you should find an insurance plan that is extensive enough to cover a vast range of possibilities.

For example, ICICI Lombard Car Insurance gives you the support that you need, along with unique benefits such as zero depreciation, towing assistance and coverage against third-party liabilities.

It also gives you a discount on ARAI approved anti-theft devices. And the best part is that the whole process can be completed online, where you can even obtain a copy issuance.

If you’ve got anything holding you back, whether it’s the money or whether you’re unclear about the terms of a policy, conduct thorough research of your insurer before you decide to invest.

There are numerous insurers in the market, each with their own terms and conditions. Find one that offers benefits that suit your requirements and insure your vehicle right away.