Spearing “Seven” Isms

Funny though it may sound, but whenever I read a quote, I wonder who recorded and shared it, given to the comparatively non-existent media and telecast of earlier times! Then a probable explanation dawns upon me that people spoke and heard each other a lot more in those times, unlike times of today.

The Spearing Seven Isms, are some recent addition to my thought-pool. These kalyugi quotes are not debuting through this article and most have been seen, liked, commented or discussed on some Facebook post or Whatsapp chat previously, but their profundity and aptness totally buys me over.

Good thoughts in the morning are meant to inject a dose of positivity, before you succumb to pressures of daily routine. But certain thoughts should be worn as an armour to rejects lightest negativity that may pull you down:

Spearing “Seven” Isms

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  1. Criticism is the most indigestible communication. So slightest of dejection or complaint after your best shot (in your perception) could be very heart-wrenching to deal with. Your good may not be somebody else’s good enough, and neither of the two can be blamed. A mantra once told to me by a friend, which even after years of efforts has not become a habit, but still trying, ‘Agree to Disagree’, holds good at such times. The Punjabi blood and food-aholicism in me sums the whole learning, “I can’t make everyone happy. I’m not RAJMA CHAWAL!”
Spearing “Seven” Isms

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  1. ‘Live & let live’ is a common saying, but do we actually refrain from questioning; why, what, when, how; the ‘if’ and ‘but’ debate; and the looks that could truly kill; when something is done against our wish or consent. The most comfortable explanation to it is the concern you bear in your heart or your superior experience, believed to bestow an unsaid right to control lives of your loved ones. Questions, but free-spirited ones, not smeared with doubts, do no harm. In light of liberties that we take for ourselves in relations, we must also agree to reciprocate the same expected pleasantness. Rightly put by the debated Guru, Osho, “If you love a person, how can you destroy his or her freedom? If you trust a person, you trust her or his freedom too.”
Spearing “Seven” Isms

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  1. Patience is certainly not a virtue that many are blessed with, not me certainly. The versions of power of Karma are often quoted, but holding the ground in tough times don’t come easy. Easier said than done, but it is ok to give in to the pressure at times and revive; but not give up. When hard time hits and it seems like the whole universe is conspiring against you, calm down and tell yourself, “This too shall pass.” Sometimes just enjoy the slumber of fate, than wasting your energy in questioning it!

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  1. Sportsman-spirit is a lesson from school that goes a long way in life. Though with the increasing sense of competition, its influence at times is suspected. Defeat is not pleasant, even for the bravest heart. But every failure is a lesson motivating you for the next victory. Introspecting a failure is like teaching your own self, though the hard way. So the best way to avert undue burden of failures is to face it, because, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” You never lose anything as long as you keep trying.
5.The complexity of maturity

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  1. The complexity of maturity with growing age is exhaustive at times. Being mature or not isn’t a choice, given to the responsibility quotient attached to our lives. So to refuel the spirit, it is necessary to unwind, harness the child-like energy and have some fun. Indulge in things you enjoy, let age just be a number, sometimes; if not all the time. After all, “We are all mature, until somebody brings out some bubble wrap.”
Honest friend

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  1. Honest friend and true love are hard to find. A dog’s love is so wholesome, by personal experience, it remains unchanged for his life. He looks upto you with the same fondness every time. Not that everyone has a dog, but gladly each one has that ‘someone’; a sibling, a parent, a friend or a pet ; whose love is unconditional, as they chose to see the good in you and settle for your worse too in exchange. (Kindly excuse my inclusion of a pet in the same bracket, as mine was family for me). Take this love as your check meter and inspiration too, to keep your demonic instincts suppressed and let your angelic being rise and shine. You’ll go less wrong in the life if you “be the person your (dog) love thinks you are.”
Be a king

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  1. Hey señoras bonitas, we all agree chivalry is charming. But confidence is much more enthralling, irrespective of gender. So relinquish your inhibitions, and wear your confidence. Nothing impresses like an upbeat attitude, and also who wants to waste time complaining about things. To my feminine folks, “Be a King, even if you are a lady.” (My other gender friends, the quote ends for you at the ‘comma’!)

*Word of caution: These tried and tested doses of modern mantras to be consumed in appropriate quantity, under thoughtful observation. Excess may lead to imbalance, which is extremely injurious to health.

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