There is no sign of relief from Syria crisis. With the progression of IS (Islamic State) in Yarmouk, tension rises and it touched the ceiling when Palestinian militias and Free Syrian army fighters have decided to fight IS. It is known that this refugee camp has gone almost under control of Islamic State. Initially, IS did not experience that much of resistance there when they launched the Yarmouk offensive.

Syria Crisis and Yarmouk offensive

Getting refreshed by primary shock, Palestinian men and some Syrian army officers came on to the resistance against IS. In this circumstances United Nation is urging for humanitarian supply for the Yarmouk camp, Syria because the condition of the refugees there is too bad. They are living in inhuman condition.

Yarmouk Offensive By ISIS

Situation in Yarmouk has been deteriorated since 1st April, the day IS started Yarmouk offensive. UN trying to get a humanitarian corridor but its tough to find as fighting is going on streets and government helicopters is dropping barrel bombs into the position of IS. So it’s very tough to evacuate civilians from Yarmouk.

Arab nations are trying to resolve the issues in Yemen, here in Syria no Arab nation seems taking interest. ISIS is not less threat than Houthi militants.