TransAsia Plane Crashes into Keelung River in Taipei

What is going on with the planes in recent days? One after another is getting down, sometimes fully missing and sometimes into the sea! This time a TransAsia Plane GE235 have crashed into Keelung River in Taipei! It has been hardly a month of [...]
Xiaomi mi4 launch will be on 10th February

Xiaomi mi4 Launch Date Announced in India

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc has announced the date of launch its flagship phone “Xiaomi mi4” in India, today (28/1/15). The price set at Rs. 19,999 for Indian market. Like all its launches, Xiaomi had gone in tie up with ecommerce [...]
ernie bank died at 83

Baseball Legend Ernie Banks Died

Ernie Banks died! The baseball legend is no more. The son of Chicago left his last breath in Illinois City today. He was at 83. His unexpected death brings sadness over the Chicago baseball club as well as among the baseball lovers. Reaction [...]
Soudi King Abdulla died

Saudi Arabia King Abdulla Died

The king of Saudi Arabia Abdulla died today. His full name was Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. He was at 90 years. He was admitted to the hospital a week before due to weakness but doctor could not revive him and officially announced him dead today. Saudi [...]
IMF has cut global growth forecast

IMF Cuts Global Growth Forecast To 3.5% from 3.8%

IMF (International Monetary Fund) cuts global growth rate again. Now this apex body of the financial movement of world has expected the global growth rate of 3.5% compared than the earlier prediction of 3.8%. IMF Cuts Global Growth Forecast, [...]