China hacks into Indian institutions

China Hacks into Indian Organizations

Chinese programmers and hackers are targeting organizations in India to gather strategic and financially sensitive information related to country’s security and defence specially, according to a leading cyber security authority, in a move [...]
Chinese Yuan devaluation

China to Devaluate its Currency Yuan- But Why?

China has taken the final step to devaluate its currency worldwide. Chinese government has given nod on the proposal and sent it to IMF (International Monetary Fund) for getting permission. But why China is taking this giant step to devaluate [...]
Chinese hacks

China Hacks Into US Military and Intelligence Data

For another time, US military and intelligence data have been hacked by the Chinese hackers. US government confirmed the hacking news today and said that department of personnel management’s servers have been hacked by the hackers. Many [...]
the eastern star

Ship “The Eastern Star” With 450 People Sinks in Yangtze River China , 5 Dead

Another bad news has come from our neighbor, China. Five people are dead and more than hundred people have gone missing after a ship carrying 450 people sank in the Yangtze River in Hubei province of China. Police, para military and divers [...]

China To Invest More Than $50 Billion in Brazil’s Infrastructure

With a bilateral strategic move, China has declare that they will invest more than $50 billion in different infrastructure projects in Brazil. These deals to be signed during the visit of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang in next week. Brazil [...]
China cuts interest rate to 5.1%

China Cuts Interest Rate to 5.1%

China cuts interest rate to 5.1% that is 25 basis lower from the earlier benchmark. IMF declared that China may attain a GDP growth of 6% in this year (2014-2015). China’s own government currency valuation committee also agreed with the [...]