Chinese Yuan devaluation

China to Devaluate its Currency Yuan- But Why?

China has taken the final step to devaluate its currency worldwide. Chinese government has given nod on the proposal and sent it to IMF (International Monetary Fund) for getting permission. But why China is taking this giant step to devaluate [...]
Indian economy is growing steadily

Indian Economy Sustainable at 8-10% According To NITI Ayog

Indian Economy has posted an eye catching growth in last quarter (first quarter of 2015). Indian economy expanded with a growth of 7%. Even China could not post that height. It’s might because of less vulnerable share market. Foreign investors [...]
Greek crisis

Fate of Greece on Hold, ECB Grants an Emergency Fund

Debt crisis of Greece is mounting. The fate of this Euro zone country is hanging as central bank of Europe decided to bail out a fund for pulling Greece up from the deadly crisis that may led this country to come out from the Euro zone. Euro [...]
Indian economy is growing by 7.5%

Indian Economy Grows by 7.5% in First Quarter

Indian economy is surging up by 7.5%. This exciting news comes from PMO (Prime Minister Officiate) Delhi. Indian economy has been growing at 7.5% since February this year. Is this Modi effect? Experts are saying that it is not Modi effect fully [...]